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Bellagio VIP Services - good - as long as you just want a Limo

Started by DavidF on Wednesday, 18th December 2013 12:33 pm
Last response by vespajet 22nd December 1:13pm

Staying at a Penthouse Suite in the Bellagio this coming week, which allows the use of VIP Services - who have been busy emailing me and begging that I ask for their help in doing anything...

So we wanted to dine at Joel Robuchon -

1st email request - ignored, but they did confirm my limo and other things in the email

2nd email - "Sorry - Joel Robuchon is closed, but we can help you with anywhere else"

So I call MGM Directly and are put through - Long Story short - they are open and I have a booking for a table for 2...

I guess its back to if you want to get anything done - do it yourself..

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 Chuckmonster responded on Thursday, 19th December 2013

Open Table > VIP Concierge

 jinx73 replied on Thursday, 19th December 2013

Couldn't agree with Chuck's post more, last week I debated using Caesars concierge for a reservation at GR Steakhouse, after skipping it for a few days, I just popped open Vegas Mate, went through the Open table booking and was all complete.

 DavidF responded on Thursday, 19th December 2013

Didn't check that Robuchon was on OpenTable.

Last time I looked - and it was a while - MGM Places weren't, plus I figured that "VIP Services" might be able to get a time I wasn't able to - pretty much unless you book weeks ahead I know you can't get anything between 5.30 and 9pm.

But I agree on Opentable as well being better/easier

 vespajet replied on Sunday, 22nd December 2013

It's pretty much commonplace for Vegas restaurants to be on OpenTable (It makes it easier on both sides to book reservations and to adjust them as needed.). About the only place I use it is when I'm in Vegas, as I really don't dine out too often back home. Looking at the MGM Grand website the Joel Robuchon page hasn't been updated in quite some time, as they mention the restaurant will be closed from 7/31/13-8/28/13 and is the only MGM Grand restaurant lacking an Open Table reservations portal (L'Atelier de JoŽl Robuchon has one.).

 HedgedBettor responded on Saturday, 21st December 2013

Plenty of the concierge desks actually book reservations on OpenTable...sign of the times I guess.