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Best spots for a photographer?

Last edit: thatrobguy on Monday, 23rd December 2013 12:16 am
Last response by CunningSir 28th December 12:06pm

Question for the pro and semi-pro photographers out there: Where are your favorite places to go to photograph Vegas? I'm not looking for suggestions like "The Fountains at Bellagio," but the precise details of where you go to get the shots themselves. For example, have you found any particular patios, parking lot decks, or other secrets that have just the right vantage point?


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 rbg81601 responded on Monday, 23rd December 2013

The top level of the Bellagio self parking structure affords beautiful views north and south, and across the strip to Paris. Speaking of Paris, the top of the Eiffel observation deck is nice as well. The Cosmopolitan pool deck comes to mind also. The entrance to Encore next to the Beach Club offers a beautiful angle of Encore/Wynn plus a butterfly statue - beautiful at night too! And don't forget the South East corner of the Bellagio property for shooting across Lake Como and catching Bellagio and Caesars.

 detroit1051 responded on Monday, 23rd December 2013

The upper levels of the parking deck at UA Theater on the Strip just north of MGM Grand gives you good views of The Mansion at MGM Grand.

 Skywise responded on Monday, 23rd December 2013

The view from the mandarin oriental Skybar.
The corner patio seat of Comme ca.
There's a good shot of the Wynn on the main sidewalk between the street corner (Palazzo) and the Wynn sign. (Normal traffic will take the shortcut to the Wynn waterfall to go to Wynn or beyond rather than go the long way 'round)
From the stratosphere observation deck (well... Before Fontaine bleu...)
If you take the walkway across the street from the cosmopolitan and turn back just past the escalator you'll get a decent shot of the Cosmo there.
Good shot of the Aria from the Monte Carlo tram station west side, especially at night - on the other side of the tram station are some good shots of the Veer - another good spot is at the top of the escalator on the south side of the cross walk between crystals and mandarin oriental.

Chuckmonster had a good one on here showing the eiffel tower through Ballys street light slabs that I borrowed. (I think it was his photo... I saw it on here)

 Blakjackkid responded on Thursday, 26th December 2013

The top-deck of the parking garage at the Rio has a nice view of the backside of the Strip resorts, all the way from the Strat to MBay.

 levans responded on Friday, 27th December 2013

I get good shots of MGM, New York, Tropicana and even Excalibur from the end of the pathway going street level by the Tropicana. With the mall going there that angle is lost. Good shots can also be taken on the overpasses connecting one side of the Strip to the other where the chain link fences still are instead of the glass.

 CunningSir responded on Saturday, 28th December 2013

The back of the Flamingo, especially in and around the Chapel.....many orbs and other unworldly happenings ?