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Las Vegas, Fall 2020

Started by NeverJustJ on Monday, 23rd December 2013 11:42 pm
Last response by anawas 27th December 1:04pm

I'm sure I will get to Las Vegas before my 50th birthday in October of 2020, but my "right-this-minute" (and fairly likely to change) financial situation, combined with the last week or so of holiday shopping and the last hour or so of wine drinking have me thinking, "What if I don't get there before 2020...what will that trip be like?"
Will I take Elon Musk's Hyperloop from SF to LA to LV?
If I do, where will it drop me off? Will I still have to take a taxi to my strip hotel? Will I still have to ask to not be long-hauled?
Will Resorts World be a hotel I can check in to? If yes, will all their proposed towers be available?
Will any of today's hotels...or towers or wings of today's demolished and not available?
What will I do for entertainment? Will there still be nightclubs with stupid expensive bottle service I can pay too much to get into? Will there still be plentiful shopping? Fancy, celebrity chef driven, restaurants? How may Cirque de Soliel shows will still be running? Who will be headlining Caesars? Hard Rock? Palms?

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 jinx73 responded on Tuesday, 24th December 2013

Interesting question, I guess if there is one positive of nearing the same age as you, is that I have a couple years of Vegas perspective. In trying to think of how it would be, I think about what it was during my first trip. No clubs outside of Ra and Voodoo Lounge, more diversified owners on the strip, strip attractions still an important part of the experience (to the point you could hear the Mirage volcano walking on the sidewalk outside of Flamingo and it still caused accidents).

My guess is that the focus on retail will lead to some changes, with the influx of additional retail space, some new concepts are going to have to be developed, what that is, I don't know. If I had to guess, live music will be a key for some of the park and Linq spots, there are only so many restaurants and shops that a person is going to visit, so they are going to have to create some type of draw for these places, although perhaps they won't and they'll just cannibalize business from places like the Miracle Mile (which then is forced to reinvent).

Clubs are here to stay, day life is here to stay, maybe not to the excess they are at now, but even with the club scene settling in, it's a necessary part of the strip experience, I could potentially see a hotel moving more towards a pool nightclub, where they open the pool for nights as well (I know some of it is incorporated already, but much of Vegas's pool's closing at nights harkens back to the gamblers in casino at night thought process). I'd also be willing to be that we'll see some sort of gentlemen's club in one of these retail centers eventually, possibly tied in with a male revue as well.

 GregK responded on Tuesday, 24th December 2013

It's 2021!, where the hell have you been?

 anawas responded on Friday, 27th December 2013

I'll get back to you in 2016, when we should be able to determine whether:
-- Caesars (the company, not the casino) stays afloat and intact.
-- All the me-too retail centers can continue to attract visitors' wallets.
-- Bellagio's fountains will be the last free attraction not buried in some mall.
-- Macau supplants Vegas and/or regional casinos bleed Vegas' flow of tourists.
-- People still pay hundreds of dollars' inflation for bottle service.