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March Madness

Started by CWatts26 on Monday, 30th December 2013 2:11 pm
Last response by ElevenEleven 15th January 5:20pm

It's our annual guys trip to Vegas, this year we have decided to go for March Madness. Three of us are only making it this time, but... we will be there from 3-17 to 3-22 ( 5 nights !!) which I hope we survive. Just wanted to ask how busy it will be during that week & any tips on finding a good sports book or bar to watch tourney games. Hopefully the High Roller will be open by then ! we will probably check out the new Osheas but since we land at night on St Pattys day, probably get a beer and walk around since it will be packed. First 2 nights we are staying at the Mirage, then I got us a executive queen suite at MGM. Last night we plan on staying at Downtown Grand. Also has anybody ate at Nacho Daddy or Pizza rock ? That's some of the places we wanna eat at... also how is their Beer menu etc. Thank You.

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 dhemry12 responded on Monday, 30th December 2013

I've gone the last 3 years for March Madness and it has grown in size each year. I suggest reserving a spot at the Sportsbook you are staying at. I have enjoyed watching at the Pub in Monte Carlo but reservations are required to get a seat. You'll actually need reservations anywhere if you want to watch the tourney. Stay away from places like NY NY which charge $50/hour per person to watch in book and ESPN ZONE

 ndfanwabashman responded on Monday, 30th December 2013

I've been the last four years and it's gotten so bad I've opted out this year. In the past I've enjoyed the pub at Monte Carlo as well. They used to have a lot more options to buy a wristband and get an"all you can drink" deal. The best thing to do is keep an eye out close to your trip, I always checked tripadvisor forums, and see if any bars are running specials.

Also, if you get there early, Book and Stage at Cosmopolitan has open comfortable seating and a small betting window.

Another place to avoid is Lagasse's stadium. They'll take your first born for a seat. Last year I had done success finding a seat at the Mirage book, but as the other poster said it's the luck of the draw without a reservation.

 anawas responded on Monday, 30th December 2013

I hear O'Shea's does not have gambler-friendly odds on its minimal selection of table games. Also, no poker or sports book. But I still plan to visit it on my next trip to Vegas, just to see what's left.

As for sports books, I got a (very comfortable) seat at Bellagio for the Kentucky Derby, though I got there about an hour early. Also, Bellagio gives drink tickets for low-limit horse-racing bets ... if you ask for them.

Tropicana's book is larger than average and has GREAT access to MGM. I also would have recommended Monte Carlo as a safe bet to get a seat, but I'll yield to the more reputable responders above me.

Since you're there for St. Pat's *AND* March Madness *AND* some vestigial spring breakers, I'd inquire about some of the near-strip sports books like Gold Coast or Hard Rock.

Personally, I'd make your bets early and just go find a good bar. The Long Bar at the D comes to mind. So does Harrah's Carnival Court and other outdoor fun sites. Or if you prefer cocktails: anything at Cosmo, 1842 at MGM, or Rx at Mandalay.

No matter what, have fun.

 jinx73 replied on Thursday, 2nd January 2014

Agree with Anawas here, place bets early and find a regular bar, vp bar, or somewhere else to watch the games. I'd avoid the sportsbooks for the most part. A number of places will have viewing parties, worth checking out some of them, but a lot depends on how you want to enjoy the trip. I can watch for an hour or 2, but the idea of watching games for 8-10 hours is not something I can handle.

It's definitely busier, although it's sort of isolated to certain areas, so it's avoidable depending on how you handle it.

 ElevenEleven responded on Wednesday, 15th January 2014

I go to Las Vegas during the first round every year. It's crazy fun. The games are on everywhere. If you are downtown, the Nug and The D both have great free viewing parties in their ballrooms. You can also find free watch parties on the strip at LVH and TI. If you are on Facebook, there is a group of us called March Madness in Las Vegas. Everything you need to know is there. There's even a nice room offer from the good people at The D. It's a closed group but just ask to join and you'll be stuck with us until you quit.