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Advice Sought: Romantical getaway in non-gaming hotel

Started by on Tuesday, 7th January 2014 6:25 am
Last response by Drake 10th January 3:50am

Hi all,

My wife wants to take me to Vegas for my 40th birthday and is letting me do the planning. Her only requests: a non-gaming hotel with a great spa. She's also okay with the idea of Cosmopolitan, since we'll be having at least one dinner there.

I typically stay at Aria when I'm in LV sans-spouse. Our dinner reservations are all in the CityCenter/Cosmo area, and we'd prefer to stay in that area rather than at Mandalay or Wynn.

It appears I could book a City Corner Suite at Vdara for less than $200 a night or a standard room at Mandarin Oriental for $285 a night (but this includes $100 spa credit and breakfast each day). Cosmopolitan is quite a bit more for rooms with balconies/views.

Which would you all choose? Thanks for your advice.

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 TheLance responded on Tuesday, 7th January 2014

I would recommend the Mandarin. It fits your criteria and it feels far more like a special occasion hotel than Vdara. Service at the Mandarin is top notch and the spa is great as well.

 bgrapes responded on Tuesday, 7th January 2014

Haven't stayed at Mandarin yet, but Vdara is pretty impressive. The location is great, service gets better every visit, and the rooms are amazing. We just stayed in an Executive Corner Suite over Christmas (slightly different layout than the standard Corner Suite) and I'd highly recommend it!

 anawas responded on Tuesday, 7th January 2014

You didn't say when you're turning 40. If it's during a non-winter month, you might want to take each property's pool scene into account.

Cosmo has some "daylife" party pools that might be too disruptive.
Vdara's or Mandarin's pool complexes might be too small or too tame.

I've never stayed in Vdara, but it's easier to access than Mandarin. It offers a better value, too, since you are not paying for the Mandarin's name or the Cosmo's vibe. But if you want to be pampered, go with the Mandarin.

All other things being equal, it also might depend on where you think you'll spend the bulk of your dining/spa/drinking/gambling money, since you'll want to give that property's rewards account a good workout.

 Malibugolfer responded on Tuesday, 7th January 2014

Taking the "great spa" request into consideration the MO is your best bet hands down. It probably would be anyway.

 DoubleD responded on Tuesday, 7th January 2014

The Spa at Mandarin Oriental is one of the top spas in Las Vegas. In fact, I like it better than Aria's and Encore's, both of which are super nice.

Unfortunately, that $100.00 spa credit doesn't go that far, but the breakfast at Bistro Mozen (or even room service) is great. (I'm assuming AmEX FHR).

responded on Tuesday, 7th January 2014

Thank you all. This is really helpful feedback.

To respond to the questions -- we're going in early April, so pool scene probably isn't too much of a concern, and, yes, I'd be booking the Mandarin through the Amex FHR portal (which I haven't done before -- does the hotel just deduct the cost of breakfasts at the end of your stay?).

Thanks again for your advice.

 TheLance replied on Tuesday, 7th January 2014

With FHR the breakfasts and any other credits will be automatically deducted from your final hotel bill. Usually the breakfast credit covers a certain amount per day, and you will be billed for anything over that amount.

 Drake replied on Friday, 10th January 2014

Bring your swimsuits. The last time I was in Vegas in early April the temps were in the gorgeous 80s. Quite delightful.

responded on Wednesday, 8th January 2014

Thanks, TheLance.

 fatbastard responded on Wednesday, 8th January 2014

We've stayed at Vdara and it was nice - location next to Bellagio and Cosmo turned out to be a very good thing. The place is quiet and low key.

But - if this is a big romantical thing - I'd go with the Mandarin. Have not stayed there yet but have been to the Mandarin Bar. The place is like a NSA facility - you have to know where you're going to even get in the place. Kinda like the Four Seasons on top of Mandalay.

Go with MO.