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Better taste in art: Elaine or Steve?

Started by LightsOut on Friday, 17th January 2014 10:51 pm
Last response by Blakjackkid 18th January 11:50am

Elaine was outed as the purchaser of the most expensive piece of art ever auctioned:

Steve has a Degas, Van Gogh, and many others, including of course his Picasso which he famously put a hole in:

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 Chuckmonster responded on Friday, 17th January 2014

I miss the days when both ends of Wynn registration lobby, the WTS lobby, concierge and VIP were festooned with jaw dropping art. La Reve really is a sight to behold in person, as was its companion in the Lobby. The Mondriaan in WTC concierge office... holy shit. The Rembrandt in the WTS VIP lobby.... simply incredible. Shame they hid these and sold the rest.

I don't think i could pick a winner in this, they've both got exquisite taste in art. The Bacon is daring, gorgeous and explodes with abstract beauty.

 Blakjackkid replied on Saturday, 18th January 2014

I remember seeing the painting "La Reve" several times in the little art museum he used to have at Wynn. The colors originally fooled me into thinking it was a painting by Picasso's rival, Matisse. I'll take Steve's taste in art anyday, I'm just not that into Bacon (or bacon for that matter).