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Started by wpsteel66 on Friday, 24th January 2014 10:31 am
Last response by Minton 29th January 4:39pm

The board posting that discussed ‘remembering’ the by-gone days of the Mirage made me think of this question:

How many of you remember the Monte Carlo Brew Pub (MCBP) when they brewed their own beer?
Boy did they have a good home brew.

The first night of every Vegas trip was spent at the MCBP having many steins of their brew followed by dinner. Then at least one more night was spent there doing it all over again. I recall the huge meal portions along with a really good menu.

In fact, you could buy your own 16-oz glass or 24-oz stein and get refills at a discount. That stein was packed in my suitcase every trip.

Then once City Center construction began, MCBP stopped brewing their own beers. One bartender told me that the city health department would not allow them to brew during the construction. After City Center finished, they did not restart their brew production. But they do have an extensive collection of beer on tap now.

In all my Vegas trips afterwards, I have stopped by the MCBP twice. They still have a good menu. But making the MCBP an every-Vegas trip event is no longer a desire.

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 Chuckmonster responded on Friday, 24th January 2014

I don't see how CC construction would prohibit the brewing of beer indoors at another property. I know nothing about beer production. Do the vats give off flammable vapor or were they worried that already drunk CC construction guys would want more beer?

If it ain't broke don't fix it... unless management feels it can reduce material costs, cut wages/hours and furlough skilled brewers for taptenders, thereby increasing revenue per square foot.

 Minton replied on Wednesday, 29th January 2014

I believed the City Center Construction took over the space that they were using for the brew house and some bean counter probably said "It's cheaper to sell the equipment than it is to build a new brew house" so they scrapped it. I do have fond memories of a tower of their stout. The brewery at Ellis Island serves up some good micro brews at a fraction of the MC Pub prices

 detroit1051 responded on Friday, 24th January 2014

Yes, I remember the original MCBP. Used to take the tram from Bellagio to MC to enjoy it.

 vespajet responded on Friday, 24th January 2014

At one point, they were having their beers brewed for them by Joseph James, who is one of the local craft breweries in Las Vegas. That was around the time they started shifting towards being a beer bar as opposed to a brewpub.

 jinx73 responded on Monday, 27th January 2014

I know it coincided with Aria's development, but everything I remember reading at the time, was more a matter of changing due to business impact, just made more sense for them to expand their menu with it, and remove the house brew.

I remember thinking at the time that it kind of sucked (and I'm not a beer guy). However, the Pub seems to be as popular as ever and I'd say from the outside seems to be the right one, that in the end, customers didn't necessarily care (as a whole) whether the beer was brewed there (or as a house brew) or somewhere else.

 saharalv responded on Tuesday, 28th January 2014

My god. The MC Brew Pub would traditionally be the first stop after our trip from San Diego. We would get our beers and sit in the outdoor area near the pool. It was an awesome tradition. My friends are scattered across the country now, but I STILL make the Pub my first stop after I get to Vegas. I don't know why. They are, without fail, out of the beer that I want at that moment. I'm just a sucker for traditions, I guess (plus, that MC smell is my "welcome to Vegas" smell).

 socalduck responded on Wednesday, 29th January 2014

It has been years since I've been to the MCBP. So long, in fact, that this is the first time I heard that they don't actually have a brewery anymore. It was a decent and affordable place to eat, and I liked the fact it was easily accessible via the tram from Bellagio. Just watched Dodgeball for the 100th time, so it is probably time to stop by MC next time I'm in town to see what else has changed.

 jester122 responded on Wednesday, 29th January 2014

my friends and I used to get 2 towers of beer and race to see which tresm could drink their tower the fastest. losing team had to pay for the meal. IMO they stopped brewing when MGM completely took over MRG and started cutting costs on all things "Mandalay."