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Must know Deals?

Started by Jaredjensen on Thursday, 6th February 2014 4:22 pm
Last response by Jaredjensen 12th February 11:35am

I have been to Vegas the last 5 years and have found some excellent places to save a buck on meals, drinks, eating and shows. I am now looking for places that I may not know or have heard of. I am a teacher and coach so I am balling on a budget. Im looking for places from The Happiest Place on Earth's Hot dog and Beer to Tony Romas Steak and Lobster Deal.
Eating, Drinking, Gambling, Show Deals??????.......GO!

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 Chuckmonster responded on Friday, 7th February 2014

You want cheap stuff or you want nice stuff that is being discounted? I'd say look at Groupon or Living Social.

In my Vegas journeys, I've realized that - for me - grinding around town redeeming coupons and taking advantage of free or discounted stuff was rarely worth it. Yeah, I treasure my cupboard full of free with comp club sign up Sands, Dunes, Aladdin, Riviera, Sahara, Desert Inn coffee mugs, but if i had to do it all over again, I would've rather spent my time in other ways.

 jinx73 replied on Friday, 7th February 2014

Chuck's advice is spot on, early on I went a bit overboard with coupons and deals. Over time I've gotten away from it, partially due to time being better spent and partially due to the strip's changing nature and the 'deals' sort of disappeared.

In addition to Groupon and Living Social, check out Goldstar for show tickets, if you are hitting shows, I'd suggest Tix 4 tonite or whatever the 1/2 price ticket place is named that has locations everywhere.

Check out hotel websites for restaurant listings and happy hours for different places, I wouldn't call them 'cheap' on the strip, but it's a way to save, for the best prices in drinking, either plan to gamble or head downtown. Overall downtown is going to be your best value for $, as food and drink are much cheaper overall.

 Blakjackkid responded on Friday, 7th February 2014

The only real deal left in Vegas that's worth going out of your way for imo, is the $22.14 lunch special at the Greek seafood restaurant,Estiatorio Milos at the Cosmo. Incredibly fresh seafood that is a bargain compared to their regular dinner prices. The Lavraki is killer! Call ahead and make a reservation before you go cause it's usually packed:

 lewintn replied on Friday, 7th February 2014

This. So very much this. Was one of my favorite meals ever in Vegas...and it was lunch!

 chrisrobbins1980 responded on Friday, 7th February 2014

Being a functioning alcoholic, my favorite deal is by far the $1 Michelob or Michelob Lights at Casino Royale.

 veenstra56 replied on Friday, 7th February 2014

The dollar Michelobs is my favorite, too, and I don't even really like Michelob. I always give the bartender a $5 for a couple and tell him/her to keep it. My wife and I drink four or five rounds for $20 to $25, with the majority it given as tips. We get a buzz and some of the best people watching on the strip, and the bartenders are happy to serve us. Everyone wins.

 donnymac66 replied on Saturday, 8th February 2014

Something most don't know is other domestic bottles at Casino Royale are only $1.75 so if you don't dig the Michalob there are cheap options.

 veenstra56 responded on Friday, 7th February 2014

Grimaldi's in the Venetian/Palazzo is a pretty good value. We got a large pepperoni pizza and two beers for about $30 before the tip. It's a spinoff of the one in Brooklyn, and the pizza is baked in a coal-fired oven.

 vespajet replied on Saturday, 8th February 2014

There's also one at Fashion Show Mall.

 n580564x responded on Friday, 7th February 2014

I know what it is like to have to "Ball on a budget", especially now that I am Married and have kids who come with. Many a poster, especially one's who are Vegas regulars, forgets that not everyone has a huge budget. Before I would take a few $1000's for me by myself to party on a weekend. Now that same $3k, $4k or more has to be budgeted for my wife, 4 kids (2 teenagers and 4 and 5 year olds) and Me, so I have learned many places were you can get a decent meal at a decent price. A few details that may help is the when and where (mid week, weekend, on the strip or off?). On the strip there is not much in the cheap meals criteris, but one is the "Giant Hot Dog" for under $3 at the Westside Deli in the Circus Circus, it's a decent dog and quite large. Also try Gilley's at the TI, they have 3 meals at under $10 and finger licking delicious (Pulled pork Sandwich meal, Chopped salad and chicken sandwich meal). Finally, if you are going to be there on a Tuesday go to the Rockhouse in the Vanetian for Taco Tuesday's! $1.50 per taco and $7 Margaritas, I usually get full with about 5 Tacos with toppings and 1 margarita, about $15 and you can get a good meal at a bargain price. If you want some Downtown or off the strip deals let me know and I will post some for you.

 n580564x responded on Friday, 7th February 2014


If you want to go to a good comedy show go to the Riviera Comedy Club in the Riv, it is $20 per person and they have some good comics. You won't see superstar comedians, but you will get a funny show for next to nothing.

 dadice responded on Saturday, 8th February 2014

"Trevi Time" 2-6pm at Trevi's bar in the Forum shops - not far in from the Caesars side. Starts earlier than most happy hours, good for a stop after late checkout or after checking in at Caesars. Great $3 frozen peach bellini, $4 bud etc bottles, $6 well drinks. $6 bites appetizers, usually 2 are enough for me. They've been getting more of my attendance since the palm fired all friends and got rid of their happy hour and formerly excellent bites menu.

 n580564x replied on Monday, 10th February 2014

Nice pick dadice! I have been two times, one additional suggestion, don't wear shorts or t-shirts. lol No need to get all dressed up either, but wear a nice button up shirt and khakis or jeans and stay away from sneakers and definitely no hockey jerseys! lol Here is the link I happen to have saved for the happy hour menu:

 Okie21 responded on Saturday, 8th February 2014

Julian Serrano has a ~$20 prix fixe lunch that was excellent. I have a big appetite and it (almost) filled me up.

 n580564x replied on Monday, 10th February 2014

Julian Serrano's also has a happy hour menu with some very affordable finger foods and mostly Sangria. Here is a link of that menu:

 Hillybean29 responded on Wednesday, 12th February 2014

Others may disagree but if you want to do both dinner and a show, most Cirque shows offer a dinner and show deal. It's not cheap but it's less expensive then doing them separately. You will have to choose from a prix fixe menu but if you do your research, you will find a restaurant you like. My husband and I are going in March and will be trying this for the first time. I've wanted to try Julian Serrano each visit so we decided on Zarkana and Julian Serrano at Aria and it cost us about $150/person after taxes, fees etc. It also includes a "Zarkgria" at the Aria Showroom Bar. I'll let you know how it goes. Btw...Michelob Light is one of my favorite beers and it's hard to find at bars anymore so thanks for that tip!

 Jaredjensen responded on Wednesday, 12th February 2014

Thanks for all of the info everyone, I appreciate it. If you find any more please let me know.
Thanks, Jared