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Caesars palace, tipping on check in.

Started by Wandrag on Sunday, 9th February 2014 5:06 am
Last response by mrdowntown 9th February 10:24am

Hi all,
I am looking for advice, I am staying at Caesars palace in Nov/Dec for 7 nights and have booked the Augustus tower already.
If I want to ensure I get a high floor with view of Bellagio fountains should I tip on check in ?
Happy to stay in this tower but want a room with view which I guess is not guaranteed when booking.
If so so what would you suggest, $20 or $50 ?

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 andybflo responded on Sunday, 9th February 2014


I stay at CP virtually every trip to Vegas, and take the comp'd room they offer. That varies from trip to trip, but I've always bee able to throw a $20 to get a room upgrade.

My usual digs during pool season seem to be the Petite Suites in Palace (Steps from Pool,) on the keycard/VIP floors (13+), High floor Octavius, or Augustus. I always throw a $20, ask if there's anything nicer, and get a polite... What were you looking for, sir? That's from as low as a Forum Room Standard up to an Augustus Standard.

$20 is the trick; and it always works... Don't start tip inflation; every Vegas visitor might start to beat you up, if our "upgrades" go up in price.

I'll be there in about a month. I'll let you know how it works (Forum Standard reservation this trip.)

Tell them high room, facing a fountaian, and you're in.

 vespajet responded on Sunday, 9th February 2014

Since they're already booked in the Augustus Tower, the $20 Trick is really unnecessary (Now if they were staying in the Forum Tower, the Roman Tower or the Palace Tower, then yeah do the $20 Trick.). This is one of those cases where you just need to ask at check-in.

 mrdowntown responded on Sunday, 9th February 2014

During the week $20 should due. If its on a weekend, if they are full it will take all of the $50. After this trip you will be staying at Bellagio!