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Bottomless Mimosas--not on a Sunday

Started by okvegas on Saturday, 15th February 2014 4:14 pm
Last response by jerrydice 8th March 4:37am

Say what you will about FIRST in Palazzo--RIP--but I will miss the place for one reason: the bottomless mimosas. I know several places will do a bottomless mimosa brunch on Sundays, but has anyone discovered a non-Sunday spot?

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 Hillybean29 responded on Tuesday, 18th February 2014

The Wicked Spoon at the Cosmopolitan has a bottomless mimosa. I think it's like $20 for an endless supply but don't quote me. Im also not sure if you have to buy the buffet as well. Obviously not greatly helpful but it might be worth researching. The buffet is really worth the trip! I'd love to hear what else you find!

 erzeszut responded on Wednesday, 19th February 2014

A bit more casual, but I know Cabo Wabo at Miracle Mile had bottomless mimosas last year when I stopped in for breakfast. The waitress even made me one to go, which sometimes isn't included with those sort of deals.

 jerrydice replied on Saturday, 8th March 2014

We had a good experience with the Cabo Wabo breakfast/bottomless mimosas experience. Breakfast was solid and the mimosas kept coming for something crazy like $7/person. Pretty good way to start a day in Vegas at 8:00 am.

 jinx73 responded on Friday, 28th February 2014

I'm not positive, but you might want to check Paris' buffet, I could have sworn I've seen that as an option during the week, for a surcharge and possibly PH too, however I've never used it outside of a weekend and am not positive it's true.