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Living on the Strip - Questions

Started by dsm2530 on Tuesday, 18th March 2014 7:04 pm
Last response by n580564x 22nd March 9:17am

Hey all, first time posting. I've been to Las Vegas a couple times with my family, but am pretty sure this summer will be a little different. I was just accepted to intern with Caesars Palace this summer, which includes living on-site for over ten weeks. I'm incredibly excited about this opportunity, but have quite a few questions for you all!

1) Do the Roman Tower rooms come with a mini-fridge? I've checked everywhere for the answer to no success.

2) Are Walgreens/CVS the only options for reasonable groceries near the strip, and how unreasonable are they compared to their usual prices?

3) What is your favorite reasonably priced restaurant nearby?

4) Any healthy dining options nearby that won't break a college student's budget?

5) I was told there is no on-site laundry. Any recommendations that don't involve cabbing it a mile off strip?

Thanks, I really appreciate the help!

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 NeverJustJ responded on Tuesday, 18th March 2014

Sounds like a pretty cool internship.
For groceries, there's a 99 Ranch Market at Las Vegas China town, which is probably 1.5 miles west of the very back of CP. It's, technically, an Asian grocery store, but they carry all kinds of food...and it's usually priced right. You'll probably find some good, cheap spots to eat there, too.

 anawas responded on Tuesday, 18th March 2014

Monte Carlo's clean-enough food court has a Manchu Wok and a Subway (among other stuff), but I bet that gets old after about a week or two. Caesars and Harrah's both have a café, but I've never eaten at either, so I am not vouching for them. And there's a small and run-down convenience store at the base of the Jockey Club, but the prices aren't heinous for Vegas. Also it isn't the healthiest food, but Carnegie Delicatessen at Mirage is relatively (for Vegas) cheap and has massive portions. Eat there at least once a month.

But I'd just cab somewhere safe with your laundry, enjoy a meal while your clothes are wet, then buy groceries while they dry (if you trust the laundromat).

Finally, ask your boss or internship sponsor. You can't be the first person to have these needs, and Caesars may already have a full meal plan or family discount available.

 dsm2530 responded on Tuesday, 18th March 2014

thanks guys, appreciate it. i didn't want to ask this on some standard travel blog since i knew you all would have the best answers. i'm sure it won't be a huge problem, just excited and trying to plan ahead. at worst i'll just take advantage of the fitness facilities a little more frequently.

 ffeJinOKC responded on Wednesday, 19th March 2014

I think the casinos usually have an employee dining room and it is either free or reduced price.

 Misnomer replied on Wednesday, 19th March 2014

Yep. Definitely ask if you'll have access to the EDR. That's your best bet for cheap eats.

 MattK replied on Wednesday, 19th March 2014

Yes, you're almost certainly going to be eating in the EDR.

 dsm2530 replied on Thursday, 20th March 2014

yeah, forgot to mention i'll get one meal a day provided

 adztheman responded on Wednesday, 19th March 2014

You can rent a mini fridge (Google it) or buy one at Lowe's or Home Depot..

There is a huge Albertson's down the street from the Palms, and a Food for Less not far from there..The Palms 24/7 cafe, and the one at Silver Sevens are both reasonably priced..You can use the Flamingo bus to get there..

ABC Stores is a good place for soda and water; there is one directly across from Monte Carlo..Walgreens and CVS are both selling groceries at pretty much MRP..manufactures retail prices...there are better options..

You'll find all sorts of Subway, McDonalds, Burger King and other stuff in the various food courts up and down the Strip, along with Starbucks..there is a Chipolte near Harrah's...

Just Googled Las Vegas Laundry...from Trip Advisor's website, there is supposed to be one at a Strip Mall across from the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino...and supposedly, there is a laundry facility at a Super 8 which is attached to Ellis Island, which is not far from Bally's..

There are several bus routes in Las Vegas that run on a 24 hour basis which can get you to each location I've referenced here, primarily the Flamingo routes

 dsm2530 replied on Thursday, 20th March 2014

thanks, would have never thought of renting a mini fridge.

 Toro66 responded on Friday, 21st March 2014

For a treat I like the crepes over in Paris, not expensive.

 n580564x responded on Saturday, 22nd March 2014

I heard that the Denny's next to Harrah's will be open by summer (remodel), it is not a Denny's by name only, you will not get gouged for $15 for a grand slam breakfast. Plus it is a 10 minute walk from Ceasars, win win! Not a whole lot of options for a college kids budget. BTW what do you consider reasonable? 5 bucks, 8 bucks, $10 bucks per meal? Less? More? Also for laundry, you may have to go more than a mile off the strip. If you don't mind a suggestion, do a little research on the free shuttles. If memory serves there is one at Harrahs that goes to the Rio, one at Bally's that goes to The Gold Coast and the Orleans. There is also on from the ceasar forum shops to the Silverton. The reason I recommend these is that all of these places had decent buffets and eating options which are much, MUCH cheaper than the strip. You can sometimes get a meal for as little as $6 or $7 bucks for breakfast and under $10 for Lunch, the buffets are not the Wynn or Ceasars, but they are not the Quad or Flamingos either. lol