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Bellagio Grand Opening Video (You have not seen this one before)

Started by apollo28 on Monday, 24th March 2014 1:42 am
Last response by motoman 28th March 9:02pm

This one is really good. Steve Wynn explains how he got the idea for the conservatory.

Also it shows all of the original art pieces in the original gallery.

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 anawas responded on Monday, 24th March 2014

First segment (about building plans and the conservatory) is very cool. I then skipped ahead to the 15:00 mark when he started talking about the restaurants - and learned some more.

Oddly, he barely talks about the gambling. "There's going to be gambling everywhere." "You can lean on beauty. You can lean on quality. You can let a slot machine help you pay for it." -- 20:05

 detroit1051 responded on Monday, 24th March 2014

Thank you so much for posting this. I was fortunate enough to start visiting Bellagio on opening weekend, 1998. Looking at this video, it's startling to see how much has changed in 16 short years.

Steve Wynn was only 56.
He talks about Elaine when discussing the concept of the conservatory.
The original gallery exhibition was breathtaking as was dining at Picasso.
Steve said if you lean on slot machines, they will slip away; that casinos were becoming ubiquitous.

More than anything, Steve's tour and narration show his passion about beauty and art.

For all you youngsters out there :-) Bellagio proved Steve's genius. As nice as Wynn and Encore are, there will never be another Bellagio, and we'll never know what would have happened if Steve had kept Mirage Resorts.

Las Vegas is fascinating, as are its leaders, especially Steve Wynn.

 motoman replied on Wednesday, 26th March 2014

Not only Mirage Resorts...
...but what would've become of all that land now (or formerly) known as CityCenter? No coincidence he accumulated all those parcels right next door to The B. The mind boggles.

 ffeJinOKC responded on Tuesday, 25th March 2014

This is a great video. Love it! One thing that stood out for me is the pretentiousness and arrogance of Mr. Wynn. I will venture a guess that much of this attitude from him is what led him down the path that resulted in his being run out of Mirage Resorts. He does and says the same things nowadays, but presents in a manner that tries to connect with the average person more that he did during that period.

 motoman replied on Wednesday, 26th March 2014

Just like Steve Jobs 2.0 -- the two are so much alike.

(BTW I assume you are the former JeffinOKC. What's with the new username..?)

 ffeJinOKC replied on Wednesday, 26th March 2014

Yes. I am JeffinOKC. Had a logging in issue a little while ago and got impatient and made this name up. Of course, Chuck fixed my issue as soon as I asked him, but I still have one or two computers that use this on Vegas Tripping and I am too lazy to change them (or am too stoopid to redo the log in)

 motoman replied on Friday, 28th March 2014

Hm. I recall a note from Chuck not long ago, something about some fixes to the site that required us to re-do our login info. So I just re-entered username and password info, which seemed to work..

 Apollo282828 responded on Wednesday, 26th March 2014

If Mirage Resorts hadnít been sold then the following would have happened:

1.) The Bellagio Spa tower would still have been built (it was designed by Mirage Resorts before they left). However the design of the interior would have been different.
2.) The land where City Centre is now would have been used to build a James Bond themed hotel. Think of a Treasure Island typed hotel with a James Bond theme instead of pirates. Steve Wynn announced this project shortly after Bellagio was completed.

 anawas replied on Wednesday, 26th March 2014

I wonder how Casino Royale would have felt about a Bond-themed casino in Vegas. But I don't care. It would have been AWESOME.

A bar named Goldfinger's. A hotel tower named Pussy Galore (as in, I'm sleeping in a Pussy Galore room). A shopping complex modeled after Saville Row. And, of course, the oddly-themed-yet-somehow-still-collaborative boutique sub-property based on the Moonraker set.

 Apollo282828 responded on Wednesday, 26th March 2014

Heres the link for the Mirage - James Bond hotel: