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Secrets of the Wynn?

Started by kayday on Tuesday, 1st April 2014 7:26 am
Last response by kayday 18th April 11:33am

Hi there,

I'm excited to be staying at the Wynn for the first time this May, and wondered if anyone had any tips/favorites/advice to share to help me make the most of my stay. I've been in the Wynn before, but really only to see it (and ok to have a Sinatra Smash).

Anything would help - restaurants (even dishes) I might overlook but shouldn't, a bar that gets passed over that's actually really great, the best spot to have coffee in the morning - whatever.

Mostly I've stayed at the Mirage, with nights here and there at Cosmopolitan, Golden Nugget, and others.


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 Oskee2001 responded on Tuesday, 1st April 2014

Don't miss the deli by the Sportsbook, Zoozacrackers (great corned beef and reubens). We always have a great meal at Sinatra, but skip Bartolotta (beautiful space but found the food to be a little boring). The cafe kiddie corner to the sportsbook is probably your best bet for coffee. If you're playing blackjack, Encore will usually have the better tables. And if you can upgrade to a panoramic suite, I would!

 salkken responded on Tuesday, 1st April 2014

At the buffet, get there early for breakfast (before 9) to avoid the line. Save room for the live omelet and pancake cooking stations. Worth getting seconds!

 MinVegas responded on Tuesday, 1st April 2014

Tableau probably counts as a "secret" if you're not booking tower suites, since you have to go off into either a second, ritzier lobby or a high limit room to get there. Nobody will look at you strange for taking the first option, I promise.

Otherwise, as an ancient wizard once said: "Go on, find the surprises."

 MikeE responded on Wednesday, 2nd April 2014

The Country Club, either for lunch, brunch, or drinks on the patio. Some people swear by it for dinner as well, but I don't see the point when a view that spectacular can only be fully appreciated during the day.

 detroit1051 responded on Wednesday, 2nd April 2014

Im addition to the suggestions already offered here, I would definitely have morning coffee and rolls or fruit at Tower Suite Bar. The bar becomes a morning gathering place until about 11 AM when it reverts to a bar. Very relaxing atmosphere and seating.

I second the suggestion on Tableau. It is directly behind Tower Suite Bar, through the Tower Suite elevator lobby. It is a beautiful room for breakfast, overlooking the pools.

When I was at Wynn in March, I was dining alone and went to SW Steakhouse. I sat at the bar and was pleased that the two bartenders I met there in 2005 were still there. The bar is not huge, but there are usually seats available, and the full dinner menu is served at the bar. Very nice experience.

Mike E is right; the best time to go to Country Club Grill is at lunch when you can sit outside on the patio and enjoy the soothing view.

 n580564x responded on Wednesday, 2nd April 2014

The Wynn sucks! They employ and draw a clientele of nothing but elitist, racist A-holes.

 slade replied on Wednesday, 2nd April 2014

Wait...they employ a clientele? How does that work?

 n580564x replied on Wednesday, 2nd April 2014

LOL! I guess the grammar police are out tonight! It was supposed to be "They employ a workforce and draw a clientele of nothing but elitist, racist A-holes".

 adztheman replied on Thursday, 3rd April 2014

Wow..somebody didn't get hugged enough as a child did they? I've stayed at the Wynn twice, make sure to do some laps every trip, and I like does my cat...

 n580564x replied on Saturday, 5th April 2014

My feelings toward the Wynn have nothing to do with hugs or my upbringing, they are based on the absolutely horrid treatment at the hands of the staff and clientele of the Wynn. I posted a review in the Wynn's page on VT, it details the absolutely dispicable treatment of my family and I. I did not post every instance of mistreatment, such as being called out by a 70ish Barbara Bush look alike in the buffet line for looking like a "Gang member". If you had ever seen me, you would laugh at the thought of me being called a gang member, I am average height and weight and look exactly like a banker might. I also got my fair share of dirty looks and attitude from the staff for having the audacity to bring kids to the Wynn! If you don't want kids in your establishment fine, but you can't take my money and then turn around and give crappy service to a paying customer. Post on your webpage that you discourage children in your casino/hotel, I know that the Wynn can't do that do to discrimination laws, but there has got to be another way. I have heard from other people that Wynn is not the place to be if you are a parent, non-white or have an average non-millionaire budget. In my case it must have been 3 strikes and you are out. There is more, but why go on? I received the absolutely worst service I have received in 20 years of going to Vegas and in any of the over 20 hotels I have stayed in. I'm sure your stay must have gone on fine, but mine was a nightmare and i will tell anyone who will listen or read my reviews... THE WYNN SUCKS!

 Apollo282828 responded on Wednesday, 2nd April 2014

The Wynn is the destination of choice on the planet Earth

 Romaman responded on Wednesday, 2nd April 2014

I do crystal meth with Apollo and bitch about how superior the Bellagio was in the 90s.

 Apollo282828 responded on Thursday, 3rd April 2014

Are my comments that off the wall that you think I do crystal

 salkken responded on Tuesday, 8th April 2014

n580, I'm very sorry you had a miserable experience. The woman in line likely always reacts strongly when she sees a black male. I am used to such rude people (even in Wynn) and would simply ignore her. I did not gamble at all on site and received excellent service. If you read the Wynn guest guide in the room, it does indeed say kids are not permitted on the property unless they are guests. Perfectly legal. It is unusual to see children at any five-star property not on a family resort (Disney World). So the funny looks shouldn't surprise you. If you can afford Wynn, I would suggest an Excalibur suite on your next visit assuming your children are still pre-teens.

 n580564x replied on Tuesday, 8th April 2014


I am (unfortunately) used to the discrimination where I live, but I have never been discriminated in Vegas. When in Vegas the only color that matter is green, if you have it they want it. I had $, I had reserved 2 rooms for a couple of nights. When I booked online ( I believe through Orbitz, not 100% sure, not the Wynn's site) there is no mention of strollers not allowed, but I was a guest and I thought that I would be ok. As for Barbara Bush, I would normally have ignored her, she was just the straw that broke the camels back. I no longer stay on the strip except for adults visits (me and my wife alone), but never again at the Wynn. When I take my kids I will stay off the strip (South Point, Silverton, Orleans, Rio, Sams Town) since these places are much more kids friendly (movie theaters, Arcade rooms, Bowling etc.). BTW I was mistreated even after I told the Wynn Employee that I had a reservation, this makes me believe that they are just pretending to be ok with strollers for customers. I have a feeling that it is a systematic discrimination of all people who have kids (strollers) at the Wynn.

 motoman replied on Thursday, 10th April 2014

I do appreciate that you are one of only a few folks who've commented on the Boulder Strip and other off-the-beaten-path (non Strip or downtown) places. The family amenities certainly are a factor for visitors with family, and it's great to get the "local's joint" perspective with so much emphasis here on the Strip/downtown.

I can only say that we have visited Wynncore with friends who have an infant and a toddler complete with tandem stroller w/detachable car seat (I know, I know... At least it's not a double-wide!). Mixed race couple (Dad is from Vietnam) who dress very casual, too casual for my Vegas tastes -- we're talking well-worn Tshirt, gym shorts, flipflops. I was dead sure we'd be stopped by a Barney (purple-jacket security) at the door. Instead we had the five-star service that made us converts in the first place. We also passed thru Bellagio many times with no problem (they like Vdara for the kitchens and non-casino atmosphere).

Others here have said, and it is a general life fact, that one's own presentation of oneself is the general proximate factor in the reactions and perception of others, most especially where service is concerned. Not meaning to get all highbrow, but I know very well a person (who helps take care of my Mom) who just can't get along with the outside world when in fact she is a pit bull to anyone who works in a customer service capacity (due in part to the weight of the chip on her shoulder). Not saying that's how you are/were, just making a point about an old saying or two.

Above all, one customer's bad experience does not negate the high percentage and thousands of individual comments to the contrary. It's The Math, as they say. Genuinely sorry it didn't work out for you, since as I've said before, I used to feel the same way about Bellagio when it opened.

 n580564x replied on Saturday, 12th April 2014


I also know many people who have raved about Wynn's service, including my Brother and sister in law. As far as appearance, I always buy a new wardrobe for my wife, kids and myself everytime I go on vacation. I believe your appearance is important and I take pride in the appearance of my family and myself. I had never been to wynn to visit until this specific time, I expected great things from a customer service aspect and customer friendly service from the word of mouth reviews. That was NOT what I received. I understand that the overwhelming amount of people have experienced great service, but what was the reason for my experience? I didn't smell, I wasn't dirty, I had money to spend, so the only thing I can come up with is race and kids. I'm sure after the 1st 3 instance (Valet refusing to park my SUV, being approached my rude employee with instructions to leave my stroller outside and carry my son, security guard saying "it's not my job to give you directions") of crap service my body language and expression must have shown to anybody in my vacinity, but I doubt anyone would have reacted any differently at that point. Then to top it off Barbara and her stupid comment. I get what you are saying about the math, it is obvious that overall the Wynn shoots for great customer service. But remember me when you are the one targeted, for whatever reason, by the Wynn staff. BTW read the reviews, it is not 1 isolated case, there are many stories of bad customer service to the 1000's of good ones, not just 1 case. I for my part will spread my story to anyone who cares to listen.

 motoman replied on Saturday, 12th April 2014

Not necessarily a bad thing to let your voice be heard. (Hope I didn't come across too strong.) I kind of went on a roll replying to your question in the Sugar & Ice thread, but the Cliff Notes version is, there was the sense among old fans that *something* had changed within the WLV organization.

I don't have anything specific on that score, just anecdotes from reading here & listening to Vegas Gang. (I was told by a maintenance man who fixed our room door that their department took a heavy share of the layoffs.) When the ex-Harrah's (Bally's/Paris/PH) manager was installed, she said something to the effect of Don't worry, I won't screw it up--this is my husband's favorite property. Well, there's a big difference between liking what you see, and being able to maintain those standards day to day in all the little ways that matter in a big way.

 salkken responded on Tuesday, 8th April 2014

For the outstanding breakfast buffet, I would arrive by 8:30 to avoid a long line. Definitely worth at least one visit. Also, despite the property map provided at check-in, I found the complex very confusing. One tip: For Encore's Strip entrance, follow signs to Andrea's. For Wynn's Strip entrance, follow signs to Esplanade. Enjoy!

 motoman responded on Thursday, 10th April 2014

For sheer visual spectacle, take a stroll the "back way" between Wynn and Encore. You will go through the convention spaces where you will see some of the most expensive-looking furniture pieces that were never meant to be used. (Except for the sofas & chairs. Those can be used, and are no bowling alley grade Naugahyde benches like you'd expect in such a space.)

It's a serene stroll that is a nice getaway from the bustle of the casino floor & Esplanade route. There you can appreciate the unique background music, if JohnH's observations haven't become even worse.

From Wynn, go down the corridor past the Buffet, pool/spa elevators and Terrace Pointe, down to the Country Club and Fairway Villa entrances, but just before the Pro Shop, turn left. Twice.

From Encore, go past Resort registration towards the parking garage, but turn right instead of exiting into the garage.

 kayday responded on Friday, 18th April 2014

Terrific - thanks everyone! These are exactly the kinds of ideas I was looking for. Now if I could just speed up my countdown clock ...