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Vegas Trivia: When did NYC nonstops resume?

Started by salkken on Tuesday, 8th April 2014 9:43 am
Last response by vespajet 9th April 12:51pm

Much to the casinos' horror, the airlines terminated the Las Vegas-NYC nonstop flights in 1983. Does anyone remember when they resumed? Guessing 1989-90 with opening of Mirage, Excalibur and Rio. But I really have no idea. Thanks!

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 vespajet responded on Tuesday, 8th April 2014

I'm looking at the December 15, 1989 edition of the Official Airline Guide on a website called Departed Flights and they show America West having service from LAS to JFK twice a day. But going off of the route map of the airline from November 1987, they started service between JFK and LAS sometime between November 1986 and November 1987.

11/89 OAG for LAS

America West route map 11/87

 salkken replied on Wednesday, 9th April 2014

Thanks Vespa! So the nonstop drought probably lasted about three or four years.

 detroit1051 responded on Wednesday, 9th April 2014

Everything is on the interwebs! I flew NWA (earlier called Northwest Orient) from DTW to LAS in the '80s and '90s. Always took Flight 1191 which departed Detroit before 9:30AM and arrived at LAS with the whole day ahead of me at 10:45AM. I wouldn't be surprised if Delta's 757 I flew to Vegas last month is the same one I flew in the '80s.

 salkken replied on Wednesday, 9th April 2014

Hilarious--it may be the same aircraft! Interesting DL is still running 757's from DTW. UA downsized to 737's from Chicago to LAS and LAX/SFO.

 vespajet replied on Wednesday, 9th April 2014

If there isn't any sort of TV monitors on the plane, it's an ex-NW 757-200.