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Where has VT gone?

Started by saharalv on Tuesday, 8th April 2014 10:20 pm
Last response by jinx73 18th April 2:34pm

I lost my fav liberal website a few weeks ago and now see that VT hasn't posted anything in a while. What's happening, hotstuff??

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 Chuckmonster responded on Wednesday, 9th April 2014

I've had stuff in the queue from Mike, Mac & Blackjacker for two weeks, but I've been away dealing with family issues... rest assured, I'm chipping away at it and should be posting in the next few days.

As for me, I'm just not interested in writing right now. I try to do it everyday, but everything that comes out feels forced. I'd rather not post anything than post stuff I think is shit. I'm sure the logjam will break sooner or later. Or not.

 saharalv replied on Wednesday, 9th April 2014

Understand completely. Thanks for the explanation! Miss you. Kiss Kiss.

 Chuckmonster replied on Wednesday, 9th April 2014

I appreciate the inquiry!

 motoman replied on Wednesday, 9th April 2014

ditto to Saharalv's reply. (Minus the kisses, perhaps! ;)
I hope I speak for others in appreciating the desire to maintain quality vs posting "just because."

Best wishes to family.

 jinx73 replied on Friday, 18th April 2014

We'll have to break that writer's block in 2 weeks, possibly a 'big check' winning weekend!