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A couple of questions for the experts....

Started by doublevegas on Tuesday, 8th April 2014 10:31 pm
Last response by RateVegas 10th April 8:39pm

I am headed to Vegas the week of May 21st and have comped nights at Planet Hollywood, Paris, Luxor or NyNy. I have stayed at NyNy several times. Stayed at Luxor once and Planet Hollywood once. Never been to any of the pools. Going up there with my fiance mainly to gamble, drink, and hangout at the pool. First off, which of these has the best pool and second the most comfortable bed? I am leaning towards Paris because I've never stayed there but I don't want to make a mistake and regret my decision. Please help!

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 Chuckmonster responded on Wednesday, 9th April 2014

None of those hotels are known for their pools. They probably aren't in the top 30% of pools either. If pools really are your thing, you should consider working the comp club phone lines to move somewhere else. Of those... I'd say Paris has the room and pool advantage over the others.

 Drake responded on Wednesday, 9th April 2014

I'd go with Paris and wheezle your way to a strip or pool view room. View is absolutely fabulous of the whole Cosmo, City Center scene. Very cool at night. You'll both love it.

And actually, the pool at Paris has its benefits. It's not a great party pool by any means, but it's big, has plenty of lounge chairs, and places to find shade if the sun gets too brutal. And it's front of the house, not back of the house, so you have the strip views there too. Nice Vegas ambience.

 Blakjackkid responded on Wednesday, 9th April 2014

The most comfortable beds I've slept on recently have been at Aria and Hard Rock. It's been awhile since I've stayed at the hotels on your list but they didn't stand out for their bedding when I was there last, but not bad either.

 skyyontherocks responded on Wednesday, 9th April 2014

Last time I was at NYNY and I went to the pool it was about 6 years ago. It was small...really small.
Last year, I went to the P-Ho and visited the pool. There is definitely a young vibe there, and there are two pools. There seemed to be limited seating around those pools. In the center of the two pools is a large area with chairs and lounges. It is this area that you would most likely sit in unless you get down to the pools early. This center lounging are has limited, if not zero, visibility to the pools themselves.
Within the past few years, I stayed at Paris and spent significant time at the pool. It is very basic yet extremely comfortable and relaxing. I would totally agree with the opportunity to find shade at this pool. I also remember the drink service to be quite timely since the pool area is so basic that the servers seem to have good sight lines to all areas and you can easily catch their attention. I like this pool the most of the 3 I have had experience with.

 dadice responded on Wednesday, 9th April 2014

I'll vouch for the Paris pool, I've been sent there from Caesars when I've complained about their pathetic attitude towards working outdoor hotubs. (Big issue!!) Open year round, big with nice staff, good swimming, floating, lounging, great hot tubs. Haven't stayed there (on bucket list), but when I was at Ballys it seemed closer to the room elevator than Ballys own pool.

 doublevegas responded on Wednesday, 9th April 2014

Thanks for the feedback everyone! Looks like after all the suggestions, we'll be staying at Paris! Hope the first time will be a positive experience. Any suggestions on the room type I should try to get? I did see one on tripadvisor that had red walls and looked a little more modern, than the older grandmas house rooms.....

 vespajet replied on Wednesday, 9th April 2014

The Red rooms have been renovated in the last couple of year.

 Drake replied on Thursday, 10th April 2014

Yeah if you could swing a renovated Red Room with pool/strip view, you'd be set.

 doublevegas replied on Thursday, 10th April 2014

We're going on a Wednesday and Thursday , leaving Friday, so hopefully it will be easy to schmooze person at the checkin counter into getting a Red Room.

 RateVegas replied on Thursday, 10th April 2014

Since you said "Paris" and not "The Paris", I will now buy you a drink if/when I meet you. Ask for it, you shall receive.