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Advice on where to stay

Started by ffye20 on Friday, 25th April 2014 12:21 pm
Last response by blackjacker1979 29th April 4:46pm

I've been going to Vegas every year for the past 3 staying at Palazzo. These trips consist of my closest buddies (usually between 4-6 guys). Using Palazzo as our 'home' in Vegas has usually worked out because, being in our mid-twenties we're divided between the gamblers (usually me and one other friend) and the nighlife crowd (everyone else), which means gambling at Wynn and the club kids doing their thing at Encore (XS etc). We have however felt that we where missing out by staying at the same property repeatedly and I am personally tired of V/P's nonsensical policies towards gamblers.

On the last trip I was really impressed with the service and gaming options at Bellagio and am really considering staying there, even though a friend described it as dated.

I've been told Cosmo is perfect for my demographic (mid-20's) but Im not convinced as far as the service goes. Also pools are important to us and money isnt really a factor. I'd really appreciate any feedback on where to stay to get out of the V/P rut, while staying at a place thats good to play at, while pleasing the ooontz-ooonzters in the group.

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 vespajet responded on Friday, 25th April 2014

I would say one of the following properties:

MGM Grand
Mandalay Bay

All three have good pools and would cater to the gamblers in the groups as well as the cub goers.

 Toro66 responded on Friday, 25th April 2014

Mandalay or TheHotel are perfect choices - awesome waterpark and you are at the other end of the strip so you can walk to different places.

 anawas responded on Friday, 25th April 2014

Despite two large clubs (The Bank and Hyde), Bellagio will probably be a little more dignified than Wynncore or V|P. Your buddies might read "dignified" as "stuffy" or at least "mature."

But Bellagio treats gamblers as well as any place on the Strip and offers easy access to Cosmo, Aria, and Planet Hollywood as well as any fun you can find from Paris or Caesars. And you guys might find yourselves enjoying the new Cromwell property nearby.

Or you can go the other route: Staying at Cosmo, but gambling at either the MGM or CET properties nearby.

When I'm staying at the Bellagio, I find myself
-- eating at Aria or Cosmo
-- gambling at any MGM property, Bill's(RIP) or the P.Ho
-- swimming at Monte Carlo or Cosmo (don't ask me how) because Bellagio's pools are downright sedate
-- drinking at Bellagio and Cosmo
-- shopping at Planet Hollywood
-- and a free agent when it comes to day/nightlife.

 MinVegas responded on Friday, 25th April 2014

I guess the first question is, "are you doing the stereotypical young man thing of way too many guys packed into one room?" People around here will beg you to please not do that, but if you are doing it, you'll want a hotel with large standard rooms.

Caesars (newer towers) if you're hooked on Palazzo's big rooms. PURE is pretty much done these days, but Cromwell across the street has Drai's. If you don't need big rooms, consider booking their NOBU tower for a more personal service touch.

Bellagio if you want a good casino downstairs that's equivalent to Wynn but with more "buzz", however the rooms are definitely 90s Vegas and nowhere near as large as Venelazzo and what came later. The Bank is definitely an intimate/VIP kind of club rather than the megaclubs like XS and Hakkasan. If your friends find it "boring" then they can always go to the Cosmopolitan.

Cosmopolitan's gimmick is hipsters, or people who wish they were hipsters. If you wear way-too-tight jeans, buy new albums on vinyl, and watched too many movies starring Michael Cera in the past five years, then this one's for you. Their not well liked for hotel service around these parts, and their casino is unpopular for no obvious reasons, except that the Identity club was initially a bit of a bust. Maybe it's because it's a luxury resort and guys who shop at Goodwill for ironic shirts usually aren't upper crust. You might be able to swing some decent treatment from them, since they should be desperately trying to grow a base of gamblers. The Marquee nightclub is your mass appeal nightclub, and the after hours club of Rose.Rabbit.Lie. is most likely very weird/unique.

MGM Grand has all sorts of rooms and tiers, ranging from the bog-standard "Deluxe" to the massive SkyLofts. Hakkasan is (for the moment) the city's biggest printing press, equivalent to what your buddies see in Encore. The casino is fine enough, but if you don't like it you can also gamble at numerous other properties. The pool complex is huge, though on some days a significant chunk of it is a "party pool" event. The massiveness means they have so much variety that, no matter what you prioritize, they have something for you.

At MGM, your comps can be earned/used at many resorts on the Strip, and many of them are as good or better; whereas Caesars Palace is far and away that company's premier resort, and aside from going to Paris for Ramsay Steak or Eiffel Tower Restaurant there is very little high-brow to be found in the rest of their collection. Cosmopolitan is "indie" both in it's image and it's business model, but it has a tie-in deal with the Marriott rewards program.

 veenstra56 responded on Saturday, 26th April 2014

The pool atmosphere at Bellagio is beautiful, but quite subdued. Zero party vibe, which a a group of twenty-somethings may find boring. I'm in my 40's, though, and love the peace and quite.

I've been to Vegas about 15 times +-, and if I were in my twenties with a group of friends and wanted Palazzo-type quality, I'd consider the Laurel Collection at Caesars, Aria, Encore, and the Cosmo, in spite of their reported service issues (I've never stayed there personally).

 Blakjackkid responded on Saturday, 26th April 2014

I would talk with a host at Bellagio (since you seem to like their service and gambling options) because if you and your friend are decent players I'm sure he/she can give you and your pals very nice suite accommodations there and most likely arrange for you to get VIP passes into most (if not all) of the top-tier clubs in Vegas. As for pools, the Bellagio pools are very nice (though sedate with an older crowd)but once again the host should be able to get you VIP access to any of the MGM party pools like Wet Republic and also the pools at Mandalay Bay. If you and your friends have particular non-MGM clubs/pools that you want access to (like Marquee, XS, EBC,etc) I would make sure you ask and get a definite yes/no answer (and verify with the non-MGM club/pool) so that you're not dissappointed later when you actually arrive in Vegas with your friends. Have FUN!

 blackjacker1979 responded on Tuesday, 29th April 2014

I'm going to say skip Bellagio. While the rooms aren't dated anymore, the hotel itself doesn't lend to the same kind of thing you'd experience at a place like V/P. It's a lot more straightforward hotel.

That said, give Aria a try. The rooms are fantastic, the crowd is good, and you're close to properties that accommodate everything you like. Cosmo is a stone throw away, as is Monte Carlo and you're practically connected to Bellagio. Plus, MLife has become kind of the standard of Player's Clubs, if you really want accessible comps.