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Better Pool..Bellagio vs. Aria

Started by fatbastard on Tuesday, 29th April 2014 3:57 pm
Last response by Chuckmonster 19th May 2:13pm

Lovely bride and I are headed back to Vegas after a two year absence.
We're looking to mix it up a bit from our usual Encore Tower Suites stay. One important consideration is the pool. We enjoy the Tower Suites pools at Wynn. Always able to get a couple chaises, decent cocktail service and ability to get a sammich on demand. Our daily routing includes a 3-4 hour midday drinking session at the''s an important part of the day.

Been to Mandalay many times - always crowded for such a large pool. Cocktail service sucks. Done with the Moorea thing - we're getting old and boring - we come to relax and drink.

Very much enjoy the Tropicana pool, but we're not slumming it there this time around.

Loved Four Seasons pool, best service ever. But location isn't ideal and we've been there.

We need a two-roomish suite and I''m pricing out Bellagio, Aria and Four Seasons.

Bellagio is coming out significantly more expensive for the same size suite vs. Aria and Four Seasons.

So...the questions is - what pool is better for a couple not necessarily interested in a party scene - Aria or Bellagio - and why? Never stayed at either property. And if some wild shit happens around us we aren't bothered - we enjoy a good show as much as anyone.

Any other suggestions are welcome. Need a suite and an accommodating pool that dosen't make us wander around forever looking for two chaises together at 11 AM. Signature at MGM is out - too boring even for us.

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 blackjacker1979 responded on Tuesday, 29th April 2014

I am not at all a pool person. That being said, I have thoroughly enjoyed my times at the Wynn and Mirage pools, and as such I did a cabana last year at Aria with some friends. While the pool got crowded, it was never too crowded to be comfortable, and the only annoyance aside from automatic gratuity was the occasional loud music from Liquid drifting through the pines and palms.

I would assume Bellagio would be quieter because there's no specific club out by their pool, but in my opinion the organic design and planting throughout the Aria pool deck is much more interesting and comfortable than the pseudo-Italian garden thing Bellagio has going. But that's just my two cents.

 skyyontherocks responded on Tuesday, 29th April 2014

Great question. When I stayed at Aria in January, it was not pool season but the pool(s) looked beautiful. I am going back over Memorial Day with wifey and will get a better feel for the pool environment.
Meanwhile, I have never been disappointed with the Bellagio pool. They also have a section with a private pool called Cypress, right off the main pool but private. For 75.00 each, (less if not a week-end), you get a lounge and a huge umbrella along with cool towels, an occasional hand out of free fruit, and more personalized service. The umbrella is the real benefit to this deal. From the Cypress pool area, you have access to the main pool if you want. So, if you don't want to pitch for a cabana but want something that is a step above, this may work for you. I found it worth it for one day and then just enjoyed the main pool the rest of the trip.
I am really hoping the Aria pool is as good as it looks, I am really getting into that property.
Have fun.

 anawas responded on Tuesday, 29th April 2014

Having been to both pools, I'd pick Aria's.

Aria has 3 large pools and - on some days - also the Liquid dayclub, which never seems to be running at more than medium capacity. Liquid probably won't be your thing, but the pool complex is large enough to stay far, far away from any noise or shenanigans ... unless you find yourself WANTING shenanigans.

Bellagio has a series of small pools (some with fountains) and the aforementioned Cypress section. Personally, I didn't spring for Cypress. I'd rather eat a $75 steak and potato than pay for a $75 fancy umbrella and a cushioned chaise lounge. Bellagio does have a good number of hot tubs, if that's your thing.

Aria seemed to have a slightly younger crowd and they were a little more vivacious. A couple of guys at Bellagio seem to think it's OK to wear a banana hammock. (It's not - at least by my standards)

The bikini'd servers do seem to circulate a bit more frequently at Bellagio. Both have poolside bars and/or cafés.

 socalduck responded on Wednesday, 30th April 2014

Between Bellagio and Aria, I say Aria for sure. It is a much more relaxing atmosphere, in my opinion. Bellagio's pool area is nice to look at, but just a bit too formal for my taste. We always get a cabana, so drink service is never an issue, but even in the general pool area, Aria has lots of servers circulating, so I expect service is good.

I do like the TS pool at the Wynn, and it would be nice if Aria offered something similar for Sky Suites. I also like the outdoor gaming options at Wynn and Encore, which Aria lacks, as well. Totally agree with you about MB and Mirage: way too crowded.

 BigHoss responded on Wednesday, 30th April 2014

Never been to the Bellagio pools but I've heard good things. The pools at Aria are great. Midsummer on a weekday, seating abounds. Get there a little earlier on the weekend. Mirage has a great pool, too, and some interesting multiroom suite options -- maybe even at enough of a discount over Aria and Bellahio to spring for a cabana.

 fatbastard responded on Monday, 19th May 2014

Thank you all - Aria it will be. I informed the other half that I consulted the Internet experts and that's where we will be staying.

It will be two years since we've been back - looking forward to the changes since then. Stockpiling off-the-grid cash in the basement safe as of last payday. Relishing the limo ride from the airport with the quickie liquor store stop on the way.

A haw haw haw

 Chuckmonster replied on Monday, 19th May 2014

Great. Report back to this thread when you get back!