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Tasty Eats Advice

Started by fudgewapner on Tuesday, 13th May 2014 11:44 am
Last response by vespajet 17th May 6:22am

Coming to town Jun 1st to 4th, staying at Wynn.

Advice needed on some good eating spots.

The missus wants a tasty sandwich place (non-burger), is Earl of Sandwich the go to?

Is Tacos el Gordo worth the hype (that's an easy walk from Encore)

Recommendation for fancypants dinner one night at either Wynn or Encore? SW, Botero, or Sinatra?

Any advice would be appreciated. We want a blend of fancy, and lower-priced but tasty. Close to Wynn preferred as we're making it a low-walking trip.


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 thecosmicjester responded on Tuesday, 13th May 2014

There's a new sandwich stand north of the Strip on Las Vegas Blvd called The Goodwich. I hit it on a recent sojourn and loved it. Zero atmosphere, but the sandwich rocked. I went with their most luxe option, foie gras pâté with crispy chicken skin, cabbage, and almonds. It was sheer bliss. When you're done there, Art of Flavors has some incredible gelato waiting for you right across the street.

 fudgewapner replied on Tuesday, 13th May 2014

Thanks! The Goodwich has resounding reviews - will need to convince wife to venture North of Encore!

 jonasjones responded on Tuesday, 13th May 2014

When I was doing pre-opening work at Cosmopolitan I ate at Earl of Sandwich quite a few times. I didn't find anything special about it... pretty basic.

 donnymac66 replied on Thursday, 15th May 2014

i can't understand all the praise for Earl of Sandwich, to us it was the same quality of meat as Subway on a slightly better bun. Ou go to Sandwich joint used to be WichCraft but it is no more. I would recommend Carnegie deli, Greenstiens, i think, in NYNY or Zoozacrackers on the strip for a decent sandwich.

 Chuckmonster replied on Thursday, 15th May 2014

Here's the VegasEats review of Earl of Sandwich. I'd heard raves from FHBM + their callers and decided to investigate for myself. It was soggy, mushy, mess of meat cheese and bread. Definitely appeals to the salty/fatty palette and absorbs booze well. Not really a culinary destination.

The sandwiches at Jean Philippe Patisserie at Aria are GREAT and affordable.

Sorry... Cosmo got sold i gotta write a blog post.

 vespajet replied on Saturday, 17th May 2014

Jean Phillipe is an excellent spot anytime. The breakfast pastries are superb (the coffee's pretty dang good as well) and the gelato is excellent for a midday snack.

 kayday responded on Tuesday, 13th May 2014

Based on advice from this board (thanks MikeE) I had an outstanding lunch at Country Club at the Wynn last weekend. The lunch menu is a great value, I thought, with salads, burgers, and other sandwiches. My open face "French Dip" sandwich was dee-lish, and the truffle parmesan chips that came with it were to die for. Plus you get the golf course and waterfall view, which gives it the fancypants factor you were looking for. We splurged on a bottle of wine as well. Yay fancy day-drinking!

 fudgewapner replied on Tuesday, 13th May 2014

Another solid recommendation! Thanks - I've heard others say the view and food is good. Hopefully there is some shade options, as my lovely wife does not tan.

 kayday replied on Tuesday, 13th May 2014

There are awnings, although some of the tables are more shaded than others. I thought the inside tables by the windows would be nice too, if that were your only option.

 motoman replied on Tuesday, 13th May 2014

Another vote for Country Club. Enjoyed the "Country Club" club sandwich -- crisped Prosciutto substituting for bacon, on ciabatta, mmmmm....

You can sit inside, though a window seat is not guaranteed. No prob, just stroll out onto the patio after. You're on the east-facing side so by lunchtime it should be in the shade. Get a friendly bartender or waitperson to take your photo with the falls in the background. Bliss.

 vespajet responded on Tuesday, 13th May 2014

Can't go wrong with the Peppermill either.

 n580564x responded on Tuesday, 13th May 2014

As always Vespajet beats me to the punch, Peppermill is awesome! lol also Earl of sandwich was very good and had a good price, Tacos El Gordo is a winner too! At $2 a taco you can beat the price or the food (best tacos in Vegas). Don't forhet to order and Horchata or a Jamaica drink I know you said no burger Joints, but I'm going to throw a burger joint out there anyway, Strip Burger is very good and reasonably priced.

 n580564x replied on Tuesday, 13th May 2014

Almost forgot! Try Maggiano's it's across the street and pretty darn tasty, it will run you about $30 to $40 a person.

 motoman replied on Tuesday, 13th May 2014

Ditto on Peppermill. Foodie snobs can bite me, Peppermill is awesome. If you go for breakfast, you may not even be hungry for lunch. Service that puts many hoity resort restaurants to utter shame -- your glass or coffee cup will never be empty. Outrageous bloody Mary.

Stripburger has some non-burger choices and is right across the street. Try for a coupon at -- these are often out of stock, though that was when Stripburger was the only specialty burger choice (obviously, that's changed considerably now). The problem for me is that they are completely outdoors, and it's friggin' hot in June. Not so good for the mayo and perishables, perhaps.

 vespajet replied on Wednesday, 14th May 2014

I finally made it to the Peppermill a few weeks ago and it only took my 16th trip to do so(My first trip I was staying at the Riv and had no idea what the Peppermill was at the time.). It's definitely one of the last bastions of Old Vegas on The Strip.

I also hit Stripburger for the first time as well and while the food was good, it didn't blow me away. Usually a nice greasy burger and some fries does wonders when trying to recover from the previous night (and into the morning), but perhaps the spiked milkshake was a bad call on my part.

 motoman replied on Wednesday, 14th May 2014

Oh I hear you on Peppermill. Used to walk by thinking it was some old greasyspoon. Even Fireside Lounge looked a bit creepy on first glance. When a local friend took us there the first time I felt like turning up my shirt collar and lowering the brim of my hat (if I'd had a hat). Boy was I wrong... it became a regular brunch trek from Encore for years.

 fudgewapner responded on Tuesday, 13th May 2014

Thanks for the advice! Tacos el Gordo is a definite (although we live in SD so have our choice of good taco shops)

On the fence for Earl, but will likely give it a try.

Advice choosing between Botero, SW, and Sinatra? Two comments for Country Club, is that simply a better option than those three?

 motoman replied on Wednesday, 14th May 2014

Country Club was for your wife's tasty sandwich, and lunch is the ideal time to view the 18th fairway & waterfall. Won't kill your wallet, either.

I'd say (based on anecdotes, not personal experience) to avoid Botero on XS nightclub nights, but it looks like your chosen dates will avoid the worst of that scene. Unless you like that scene.

 Heresiarch replied on Wednesday, 14th May 2014

Country Club for lunch/sandwiches; SW or Sinatra for fancy-pants dinner.

I'll echo concerns about Botero; on club nights it'll be backed with douchecanoes, and that aside the reviews that I've seen have not been strong. There are many other well-reviewed places that I'd like to try before I go to Botero.

I've been to both SW and Sinatra multiple times and I love them both. One's a steakhouse, the othere's Italian; I wouldn't say one is better than the other. Although I do enjoy sitting on the outside patio at SW. I've got a mini-review of Sinatra in my recent trip report here on this board.

 8splitter replied on Friday, 16th May 2014

Sinatra is excellent for food, ambiance and service. Take time to check out the display case to the right of the entrance. Society Cafe makes a decent sandwich and breakfast. I've also gotten Encore room service for breakfast before playing a round on The Steve's golf course and it worked very well. In addition to the great food, it arrive precisely at the exact time I requested (I ordered it the night before). Very expensive for room service though.

How about La Cave? If small plates are your thing, it looks like an interesting place. I've been wanting to try it and it's on my list for my next visit.

 levans responded on Wednesday, 14th May 2014

I love Earl of Sandwich but you can get good food at the food court at Fashion Show Mall. I would hit Sinatra for the fancy dinner.

 fudgewapner responded on Wednesday, 14th May 2014

I knew to come here for advice! Definitely want to avoid club kids and oontz, so Botero is out. We both turn 40 on this trip, our LA club days are 15 years gone by. Likely SW for fancyness, and Country Club for sandwich and views, with some tacos for a cheaper meal. Any other Wynn area treats? Thanks!

 motoman replied on Wednesday, 14th May 2014

In fairness to Botero....

The nightclubs are dark on Tuesday, which is during your trip, so you can have a douche-free dining experience then. On surrounding nights not all the clubs are open. You can ask the restaurant or a concierge, they'll steer you right. We always like to chat with staff and believe me, they share our pain and we always share a roll of the eyes re the club kids. (No Steve, don't fire them. We all know it's true.)

 motoman replied on Wednesday, 14th May 2014

"Any other Wynn area treats?"

When you visit Country Club, take the back passage between Wynn & Encore, thru the conference areas. A nice, relaxing walk. Those corridors are much more nicely decorated than should be the case. Steve & Roger just can't help themselves!

Perhaps you can report back on whether the music has changed as badly as JohnH found. That music used to be one of Wynn's distinguishing features.

 ffye20 responded on Wednesday, 14th May 2014

Not on your list but right next door, at Venetion/Palazzo is Buchon, the Thomas Keller restaurant, which is a must when visiting Vegas. If you don't feel like blowing out, it is also very reasonable for brunch. Also worth mentioning is Zoozacraker's at the Wynn is about as good a deli as you'll find in Vegas and quite affordable too (I highly recommend the Reuben). It's hard to go wrong at the Wynn...unless you end up at Andreas (vibe dining anyone?)

 Chuckmonster replied on Thursday, 15th May 2014

Solid advice. Regardless of where I'm staying, I make a point to head to Bouchon almost every trip... usually for breakfast.

 fudgewapner responded on Wednesday, 14th May 2014

Thanks for the updates on Botero! Buchon would be a treat, but this is already going to be a pricey 3-nighter due to the missus' trip to the Tory Burch outlet and my love of the dice. That might have to be the next trip. Last question - we fly in around 1030 on Sunday. Were thinking of doing Bellagio sunday brunch buffet when we get in. Is the Country Club jazz brunch worth it? Pricing looks to be $65??

 motoman replied on Thursday, 15th May 2014

Ha! We're contemplating the same choice, and brunch will be our last meal on the way out. Maybe we'll cross paths.

Having done neither, from what I can see Jasmine has no actual outside seating, only window views to the Bellagio fountains. If you're already doing Country Club for a lunch, maybe you don't want to go there twice? I'm leaning towards the Jazz brunch as it would be an excuse to get to Wynn after too long an absence. Or Jasmine, to be sure to make our flight as security at McCarran was a certifiable clusterfluck last time. Coin toss.

 donnymac66 replied on Thursday, 15th May 2014

This is when you should go to Bouchon, might be a bit of a wait but the food is excellent.