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The first movie ever to be filmed at Wynn/Encore

Last edit: Apollo282828 on Friday, 16th May 2014 5:34 am
Last response by Heresiarch 28th May 8:03am

Well Bellagio had Ocean's 11. Mirage had Vegas Vacation.

Wynn/Encore...has Mall Cop 2. Its the first film Steve Wynn has approved to be filmed at the resort.

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 8splitter responded on Friday, 16th May 2014

I just can't reconcile that in my squash.

The first one was filmed just outside Boston at the Burlington Mall. They put up all the Christmas decorations in the middle of summer for filming.

 Blakjackkid responded on Saturday, 17th May 2014

Can't wait to see Steve on a Segway!

 mrdoopey responded on Sunday, 18th May 2014

gotta wonder if this will lead to a Kevin James future show at the Wynn instead of the Mirage (his current gig)?

 motoman responded on Sunday, 18th May 2014

As a fellow Wynncore fan my sadness knows no bounds. What's next, Animal House 2014 to be filmed at Surrender/EBC?

I need to chill by the nice waterfall with a cool gelato at Sugar & Ice -- oh wait....

 Heresiarch responded on Wednesday, 28th May 2014

Due to the current draft of the script, the plot called for a large supporting cast of douche-canoes and, Wynn being the mecca for such things, the choice of location was a natural. Filming is expected to take place along the esplanade between the bathroom next to Wazuzu and the bathroom outside of the Wynn theater.