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Last edit: Rudemeister on Tuesday, 27th May 2014 9:36 pm
Last response by adztheman 4th June 11:23am

So, I am trying to understand the Ceasar's comps strategy. I live in the Midwest, and once a year or so, I go to a different Ceasar's property. This includes properties in NW Indiana, Tunica, Louisville suburbs, Vegas, and Cincinatti.

On my last trip to Vegas, I barely played at Ceasar's at all. But did play a couple hours at $25 a hand (I typically play much more BJ at $10 a hand).

Anyway, I recently got a coupon, that came in my Cincinnati book (where I lost $200 in an hour with terrible luck) for Vegas. It gives me 2 nights of a free hotel for any lower level CET property (Quad, Harrah's etc.). Does this make sense to anyone? Anyone have a similar experience? I hear that CET is lowering their comps, but I get 2 free nights (Sun-Thurs only) for mediocre play in Cinci?

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 coybotjr responded on Wednesday, 28th May 2014

My experience with CET is that they love me and my low bank roll. I go to Vegas once, if I can eek it out twice, a year. I budget 200-250 a day and I spread that all over Vegas since I like to touch base at every casino. I will stay I do the bulk of my gaming at my home base casino, but still nothing big. I started this about 10 years ago with a weekend stay at IP because rooms were like $20. Since then I have yet to pay for a room. I usually stay at Ballys, but on my last few trips I have been getting 2 nights @ Paris + $50 in casino play (or 2 nights anywhere but PH and Caesars). So I hear people say the same about CET, that their comps have really gone down. Mine have been going up and my spending really hasn't changed. The only thing I can think of (for my end) is most trips did include a trip for the gal to Caesars spa, but even that wasn't more then $200. Either way, I choose not to ask too many questions and just enjoy my comps.

 jinx73 responded on Wednesday, 28th May 2014

That 2 night offer is what I would consider a canvassing offer, the local properties are the feeder properties into Vegas. It's a pretty standard offer and a weeknight comp for CET's lower level properties is typically worth it from just a food and beverage standpoint.

Add in the fact, that Rock Gaming is running Cleveland and Cincinnati in a partnership with CET and it's easier to see why CET would look to drive visitation to Las Vegas.

CET is usually pretty generous with their room comps, especially to get you to try a new place, I wouldn't look into your play in too much in regards to this 2night comp.

 Heresiarch replied on Wednesday, 28th May 2014

I think OP (Rudemeister) stated this was a weekday comp -- which gives the offer a street value of more than a cup of coffee but less than a venti mocha lattecino.

But otherwise what jinx said sounds good. CET just wants to get you to Vegas.

 mrdowntown responded on Wednesday, 28th May 2014

Just the difference between from place to place.

 detroit1051 responded on Wednesday, 28th May 2014

Vegas friend says CZR makes offers to locals (at least him) for $300 FreePlay, food, BUT they require locals to stay 2 nights in comped room to get FreePlay. Loveman must want them to stay and use their own money after the FP is used.

 VegasVice responded on Thursday, 29th May 2014

I go to Vegas twice a year and the wife and I take about $1500 each for each trip. We almost exclusively play Video Poker and spend about 80% of our gambling funds at Caesars properties. For that kind of play we get up to 5 nights comped at any Caesars property including weekends and even rooms at Caesars palace.

In April, we booked a forum tower room, comped and the $20 trick netted us a suite in the Octavious Tower. The suite was around 1100 square feet and pretty awesome.

Caesars also has 9/5 DDB which is the best paytable I have found on the strip. I'm not sure why others dog their VP so much.

Mlife on the other hand, never offers me squat except $100 rooms for that kind of play so I am loyal to CET

 adztheman responded on Wednesday, 4th June 2014

I put around 900 points on my Players Card during one of the promo days at Downtown Grand back in February, and have been getting two night comp offers and free play for May and June...

If comps are essential, I find that downtown casinos, with minimal play, are the best way to get what you want...I've been getting buy 1 get 1 free offers from the D for over a year, with again play that was maybe $100 or $200 coin in during a single session...

The last comp I got from MGM Resorts was a couple of nights in February, which I did use...

My problem with CET is that their points last only six months, and there really is nowhere I can go in New England to keep the points alive...