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Wynn - Musings and Mini Report

Last edit: fudgewapner on Thursday, 5th June 2014 11:09 am
Last response by fudgewapner 9th June 12:09pm

Stayed at Wynn June 1st to 4th for dual 40th bday. Regular resort king, 14th floor, strip view. Only pic taken was my wife doing a shot of Sailor Jerry as an Ambien replacement..

Highs - the room itself was in great shape, as was housekeeping. Very clean, toiletries restocked promptly. Called for extra pillows - delivered in 15 minutes. No strip traffic noise in the room, very quiet.

Staff interactions - good across the board. Cocktail service was prompt, both at the tables and at the pool. Bell desk fast and efficient. Dealers uniformly good (played a lot of roulette, and that crew was very quick and helpful)

Sinatra at Encore- thought it was a very good meal. Antipasto and crab cake starters were quite tasty, as was the gnocchi side dish. Good service, and reasonable total price (we are not wine drinkers)

Terrance Pointe - lobster benedict one morning was very tasty, nice balance of flavor without being too heavy. Had the buffet once, enjoyed it more than the Bellagio buffet. We felt the Wynn takes more time on the craft of the food and flavor, while Bellagio has become a cattle drive of eating.

Two cons - the towels to me are not plush enough. I don't like supersoft towels with too much softener, but these were just scratchy. And room service was very underwhelming. Sliders and nachos (we were buzzing) that were just not very tasty. The presentation and service itself was nice, but that was our one and only in-room dining.

Overall - while I haven't stayed at CP or Aria (Bellagio several times), I still very much enjoy the Wynn. The elevators are right by the tables and spots to eat, the whole place is clean, and at $159 a night it's a real value. Every staff member we encountered was helpful and polite. I also find the pool area to be very relaxing (especially on a midweek trip).

That's all I got!

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 detroit1051 responded on Thursday, 5th June 2014

If the towels are the off-white diamond pattern ones, I love 'em. I got two sets in 2006, and I'm still using them. Guess I like scratchy.

 Heresiarch replied on Friday, 6th June 2014

I ripped one of mine. :( I'm going to have to head back to the Wynn to restock. Is $159 a bad price for a towel? Hmm....

 fudgewapner replied on Friday, 6th June 2014

Those were the towels! I just feel they weren't thick enough. I like towels that can double as a blanket for a drunken couch nap.

 motoman responded on Thursday, 5th June 2014

"That's all I got"? Aw, c'mon! ;)

Did you:
Try Country Club? Encounter/evade/avoid douchebags? Have some tacos? Brunch? Take that back stroll thru the meeting halls?

Back in your pre-trip thread, we should've advised using your Red Card whenever playing. Generic advice, yeah, but a Terrace Point or Buffet comp is almost a given. And future room rates will be something like a Jackson less, depending on your play of course. (Come to think of it, getting some play prior to actually staying might be a way to get some offers -- seems to have worked out for some Total Rewards folks here.)

Hope you had a good time, and Happy Fifth Decade!

 fudgewapner replied on Friday, 6th June 2014

I did not try Country Club. We thought about it for our last day for early lunch, but the missus ran out of gas, and we just did cafe bagels and cinnamon rolls instead. Douchebags were seen but completely avoided. A lot of conventioneers, one for gems, and the other for lighting. Talked to one woman at the craps table who owned an LED company that sold lights to most of the casinos in town. Judging by her 50 to 100k wedding ring, I think she did alright.

We also skipped Tacos el Gordo. It was nice to stay at Wynn most of the time, moving from pool to tables to inhouse eating.

I did use the Red Card the whole time. Just short of 1,000 points, so pretty low-rolling for us. I forgot to ask for a buffet comp. Years ago we received $99 midweek offers, will have to see if that comes back up.

Part of my master plan was to place various World Cup and US Open bets that will pay between $600 and $1k if any of them win, thus giving me an excuse to drive out to collect. (yes, I know you can mail them..) If I hit one of those, then I'll do a solo trip, and try the missed eateries.

Thanks for the note - 40 feels odd, but Vegas helped a lot to feel young.

 fudgewapner responded on Friday, 6th June 2014

I forgot a significant highlight. I was playing 25C video poker by myself around midnight at the Wynn (maybe 100 yards from main elevators) and a cute woman was walking by, smiled, and asked if I was winning. I said I was doing alright, turned back to the machine and didn't think much of it. She then sits down next to me and I get the clue. I quickly make it clear that I'm not interested in happy times, and she asks if she can still sit there. She was not dressed in typical hook fashion, little makeup, more covered up than 80% of the club chicks.

Ended up talking to her for a twenty minutes. Very interesting stuff. She said she had to dress differently since it was a Tuesday, and could only "skank it up" on the weekends. She also bemoaned how well the Asian and blonde toots did compared to brunettes. Said the Asians really cleaned up because of simple low supply of Asian girls and high white-guy demand. She was quite pretty, and said this worked against her because some guys she talks to don't get the picture quickly and think she's just looking to get laid.

Depressingly, but not surprisingly, she said 90% of her "dates" were married guys, and that I was on the young side for her to even approach. Meaning, most of her clients are in their late 40s to 60s range. She was 24. I didn't bring up cost at all just in case she was working with vice!

Certainly an interesting conversation.

 motoman replied on Friday, 6th June 2014

Hooker dress code -- hilarious! Really have it down to a science to have a specific Tuesday wardrobe. I'm sure those older married fellows feel like studs.

Once saw an older fellow in a suit being chatted up by what looked like some college kid. Plain-looking blond girl in jeans and a t-shirt, nothin' special at all. This was the lounge that preceded Blush. They took off together.... That was kinda weird. Or not.

While reading your story, I was worried you would get a bill for the conversation....

 fudgewapner replied on Friday, 6th June 2014

I enjoyed the way she talked about the profession, and seemed to be genuinely bored and wanted to chat. I was also surprised she sat for so long, and she didn't try or say anything to change my mind about getting dirty. The dress code and the comments about Asians were the highlights for sure.

 stevecovington responded on Friday, 6th June 2014

What kind of offers are ya'll getting from Wynn? We keep getting pretty decent ones every two months... I think its time to go back.

 motoman replied on Friday, 6th June 2014

Regular email and snail mail offers of $139 weekday, $129 prepay. We haven't stayed in a year and a half, and never would have been mistaken for high rollers.

Seems likely the days of $99 (for commoners at my level, anyway) are over. Wynn's rack rates are back up, and they said (as per Vegas Gang a while ago) that when Mr. Wynn finally relented to lower rates to fill rooms during the recession, they did not like the clientele that attracted. Never mind Beach club and Surrender opening around then, it had to be the rates... yeah, that's the ticket....

Surfing their site, it seems high end rooms sell out first, so maybe they're getting their "desired" crowd back...

 8splitter responded on Friday, 6th June 2014

Fudge, any Paul Blart sightings? (uuuggh)

 fudgewapner replied on Friday, 6th June 2014

One of the security dudes was very Blartesque. If the hooker looked more hookerish then I wouldn't have sat and chatted. She could have passed for a girlfriend (only in Vegas since I'm 40 and bald).

 donnymac66 responded on Sunday, 8th June 2014

Thanks for the write up. Vegas...where the hookers look like college girls and the college girls look like hookers!

 fudgewapner replied on Monday, 9th June 2014

They really do sometimes! It's a confusing place, where older less attractive guys get approached by women! I think I've taken too much enjoyment in the hooker conversation. I told a few moms about it briefly at the recent preschool fundraiser. They didn't find it as funny. My wife is cool about it, but I can only tell her once before it goes to Creepville. On a side note, I wonder how to find that hooker on Facebook...