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An Excellent 2014 Documentary on Las Vegas.

Last edit: Apollo282828 on Wednesday, 11th June 2014 5:16 am
Last response by adztheman 17th June 10:23am

I found this really good 2014 documentary on Las Vegas. It feature brand new interviews with

Gary Loveman
Steve Wynn
Jim Murren

Its on NETFLIX. Its called “The Player: Secrets of a Vegas Whale”. I highly recommend it.

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 Marty711 responded on Wednesday, 11th June 2014

Agree that its a good one - certainly better than most Vegas TV programs. It first aired on Bloomberg in January. You can watch it on their website.

 hail2skins responded on Wednesday, 11th June 2014

I remember the show and seems like they put a lot of emphasis on the rules (all of which were offered at low limit tables on the Strip until the late 90s) Johnson was able to negotiate, when the big thing that helped him was the discount on losses he was able to negotiate. He also claimed that he would bring various entourages in to try and distract the dealer into making errors.

 Misnomer responded on Friday, 13th June 2014

Pretty sure this is the same tool who offered to pay deadmau5 $200,000.00 to play Livin' On a Prayer, and then didn't pay up. Not that I really have a dog in that fight.

 donnymac66 replied on Friday, 13th June 2014

For $200,000 you could get Bon Jovi to play it live. Some people have waaaay too much disposable income

 Spyder replied on Monday, 16th June 2014

I think for $200 in chips, a couple buffet comps and a bottle of white wine (with screwtop) Bon Jovi will play an entire concert

 RateVegas responded on Saturday, 14th June 2014

It'd at least get you "halfway there".

 vespajet replied on Sunday, 15th June 2014

Bon Jovi supposedly asks $1 million+ for private shows.

 adztheman responded on Tuesday, 17th June 2014

This guy was able to negotiate loss limits during the Great Recession that nobody could get now...

He figured out how to work the system, and eventually was trespassed from just about every major Vegas Property..

If you don't have access to Netflix, you can also Google ''Secrets of a Vegas Whale'' and it pops up via Bloomberg's website..