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Caesars room choices

Last edit: VegasDayDrinker on Saturday, 14th June 2014 12:55 am
Last response by detroit1051 18th June 5:21pm

My girlfriend and I will be passing through Vegas for one day in early July and I'm looking to book at Caesars. I usually stay at MGM properties but will be coming back to Vegas in December for a friends birthday party weekend at Caesars. I'm hoping to spend my day exclusively at Caesars logging some time on the tables and video poker machines in search of a slightly better rate for my return trip in December.
I can book a standard room in either the Nobu or Octavious tower for aprox $150 a night and luxury rooms in the same tower for about $30 more. What room should I go for? Or is there a completely different room at Caesars I should consider?

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 JMK615 responded on Saturday, 14th June 2014

Octavious is nice. Stayed once in that tower. You mentioned your are looking to lower your rate for a future trip. One way to do this at Caesar's properties is to use your Total Rewards card in conjunction with EVERYTHING you do on the property. If you buy a newspaper, make sure the gift shop runs your card through, if you buy a bottle of water, same thing. Even better charge it back to your room. One thing Total Rewards does that MGM's M Life card does not. Gives you credit for sports betting. I know the pickings are slim for sports betting in July, but throw some money down on the upcoming football seasons for NFL and college, bet on the future Super Bowl, but make sure you give that card to the ticket writer. Your future stay could be comped or discounted heavily based on all you do with that card.

 vespajet responded on Saturday, 14th June 2014

Anything in the Laurel Collection (Augustus Tower & Octavius Tower) is excellent (I've only stayed in the Augustus Tower and was quite happy with the room.). I've been wanting to try out the Octavius Tower, but the room rates (even at a Total Rewards rate), were a bit out of my comfort zone.

If you want the true Caesars Palace experience, go with a room in the Octavius Tower. If you want a boutique hotel experience, go with Nobu.

 slade responded on Monday, 16th June 2014

Staying at Caesars in September and when I went to the Rewards site the rates were pretty high (Platinum status level). I decided to call a host that I met in June (on the day I departed) and she responded with 2 nights (Thursday & Friday) comped in the Augustus Tower. My usual tower is the Octavius so I am looking forward to trying the Augustus. I am not some monster gambler either: and I would recommend you play a bit in July and when you are ready to leave contact a Host (next to the Cashier's Cage) as it may help with your rates in December.

 vespajet replied on Monday, 16th June 2014

Augustus was the top tower before Octavius opened, and I would guess that the drop off in quality is minimal with both being grouped as the Laurel Collection. My stay there a few years back ruined me, as I got a steal of a deal for the Forum Tower (Friday-Saturday $120/night and Sunday was comped.) and while I could have gotten free rooms at Harrah's, Imperial Palace and Flamingo, I couldn't pass up such an offer for Caesars since it was usually out of my price range. Went to check in and was offered an upgrade to Augustus for $40/night (Only a fool would turn that down.). I remember my friend who was a local checked Hotel Tonight that Sunday night and they had Augustus for $60.

 pkluvsvegas responded on Monday, 16th June 2014

I wouldn't stay in Nobu. The base rooms in the tuna tower are tiny, have no view, and have no tub. The ceilings are also low from what pictures I have seen. Octavius or Augustus are the way to go. Octavius is newer and with slightly nicer furnishings. Augustus is about 50 sq/ft larger, and if you are in a high floor room on the south side of the Tower you get a Bellagio fountain view. Personally if I were to stay at Caesars, I would go for Augustus.

 VegasDayDrinker responded on Wednesday, 18th June 2014

Thanks for the good info. I'm now booked in an Octavious Tower Luxory room. Great deal at $152 including taxes and resort fee. Mini trip report will be forthcoming.

 detroit1051 responded on Wednesday, 18th June 2014

I really liked Augustus Tower, but that was in 2006. The view across Flamingo looking at the Bellagio fountains was better than any view from within Bellagio. The shower head was the best I've ever experienced in Vegas. Assume Octavius will be as nice or nicer.