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Adios Revel

Last edit: blakjak21 on Tuesday, 12th August 2014 7:35 am
Last response by anawas 19th August 3:15pm

Revel will be closing down on Sept. 10. What a shame to have to close down a beautiful property..

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 LeoNYC responded on Tuesday, 12th August 2014

Adios AC. That city is the new Detroit. Ghosts buildings in every block.

 Chuckmonster responded on Tuesday, 12th August 2014

I bid one dollar, Bob.

 Blakjackkid responded on Tuesday, 12th August 2014

I never went there but when I was told the casino wasn't located on the street level but on the second-floor, I immediately thought that would be a problem!

 Chuckmonster responded on Tuesday, 12th August 2014

FWIW, here's my review of Revel.


 toastcmu responded on Tuesday, 12th August 2014

Having been to the Revel, I thought it was a beautfiul property that was doomed from the start - It was a gorgeous property, but many people were confused that it was a casino when it opened, due to the lack of signage on the boardwalk.

I certainly hope that as we approach slow season that we don't end with a death spiral - things close due to the new casino closures, which drives down business on the boardwalk, which in turn could lead to more closures. Because the marina casinos are removed from the boardwalk, I think they have a chance to thrive as a cluster of their own, but I truly wonder what will happen to the remaining ones on the boardwalk.


 hail2skins replied on Wednesday, 13th August 2014

Yeah AC gaming revenue down another 7 pct in July as compared to July 2013. Revel second from the bottom in front of only Trump Plaza. Yeah, you do have to wonder how many folks even realized it was a casino. What a shame for a great property. So in mid-September we could be down to five places on the Boardwalk.....Trop, Caesars, Ballys, Resorts (don't even see how this place stays around), and the Taj. Mind boggling.

 hail2skins responded on Saturday, 16th August 2014

Closing earlier now. Hotel shutters on morning of 1 September, casino on afternoon of 2 September. Between Revel and Showboat, Labor Day is gonna be a bummer for AC.

 fudgewapner responded on Tuesday, 19th August 2014

Revel apparently lost $20k off the top of an armored truck. Never a good sign.

 anawas replied on Tuesday, 19th August 2014

I hope it fell off the truck and into the hands of some rank-and-file casino workers.