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Dining alone in vegas

Last edit: Wandrag on Thursday, 4th September 2014 9:57 am
Last response by johntree 7th September 4:17pm

Hi all
Traveling alone to vegas end Nov/start Dec, and was wondering what the situation is with eating in restaurants when you're on your own.

I know that there is often places at the bar to sit and eat but do they frown upon people using a whole table up when there is just one person ?

Not looking to dine at any top class places probably just diners and a few middle of the road eateries.


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 fatbastard responded on Thursday, 4th September 2014

Wherever you go - always eat at the bar. You don't take up a table and you have at least 1 person to talk to (the bartender).

 vespajet responded on Thursday, 4th September 2014

I usually end up dining solo a few times during a trip and usually one of those times will be somewhere I've made reservations at. Whenever possible, I'll opt for the bar or counter as opposed to a table (The only exception is when I hit Mon Ami Gabi for breakfast and they give me the option to dine on the patio.).

At the time of the year you're heading out there, it's the dead period right before the National Finals Rodeo, so many places won't be too crowded. I was out there a few years back at the end of NFR and at many properties, at least 2 or 3 restaurants were closed for annual maintenance. The last night of that trip (a Sunday night), I met up with a friend of mine from college over at Comme Ca and 10PM on a Sunday night, the place was dead (There was maybe a half dozen people dining there.). The night before, I went Downtown and had dinner at Triple George and it was fairly empty as well.

 sandyastrogl1de responded on Thursday, 4th September 2014

Check out, they have tons of advice on the topic.

 HillBilly responded on Thursday, 4th September 2014

Personally, I really don't like eating at the bar. I travel solo not only to Vegas but all over the place for work and I usually like to have a table. Most places have 2 tops available and when it's not busy it's not really a big deal anyway.

Most of the places I eat at for work travel are the diners / middle of the road types you referred to. Nobody cares. The server will not get as much of a tip but they also will not be refilling as many drinks etc and can take more tables so don't sweat it.

In Las Vegas, I eat alone all the time from a quick bite at the Venetian food court (the one in the casino, not the mall) to a nice relaxing dinner at Sage or the like.

Do they mind? Who cares. I have yet to find a place where I want to eat that doesn't want my money.

The only times I like to eat at the bar is if I'm watching hockey at Hooters and, for some odd reason, I like eating at the bar at BLT burger at the Mirage.

 anawas responded on Thursday, 4th September 2014

I'm Team Bar for most solo meals, especially if I want to talk to anyone.

But I'm Team Table if I'm reading or want to savor the quantity/quality of the food.

Either way, you'll have no troubles in Vegas.

 Heresiarch replied on Friday, 5th September 2014

^- this.

No-one cares if you take a table. Maybe someone, somewhere... but you aren't being rude unless you order only the $8 side salad take 90 minutes to eat it. I've found that if I'm polite and not too fussy, waiters are friendly and helpful. You're the table that isn't all "please stand there for three minutes while we try to coax little jimmy into deciding if he wants milk or sprite" or "dang this food cooled down while we were all instagramming everything, can you take it back and reheat it, or better yet make entirely new dishes?" I feel like I'm merging in with this discussion:

I usually bring a moleskine and schmancy pen, so everyone thinks I'm a writer. Sometimes they think I'm a reviewer so give me better service. I have no idea if that's true but I like to believe, and here in my fantasyland, everything is awesome!

 Wandrag replied on Friday, 5th September 2014

Sounds like a good land to live in.

 rsauve responded on Thursday, 4th September 2014

Some of my best dining has been bar-side.
The staff at Heritage Steak had great menu insights and also allowed me to sample some fine whiskeys before settling on a glass. Same with Sage at Aria. Great service and a very casual atmosphere that you sometimes don't receive from your standard server. Plus the time I ate at Sage I happened to meet a fellow diner who was the Las Vegas Sierra Nevada rep who kindly picked up a bomber of beer for us to split. So you never know who you'll meet at the bar and how it'll work out for you. YMMV but YOLO.

 vespajet replied on Friday, 5th September 2014

Last May when I was out there for Donnymac's wedding, I had lunch reservations at Public House (The only reason I book reservations is for the Open Table points, as some places, it's easy to get seated without a reservation.) and originally was going to enjoy a beer or two, grab a bite and be out of there in an hour. They offered me a seat in the dining room, but I opted for the bar as usual (You get your drinks quicker...). While I was there, a gentleman that writes for a Vegas restaurant industry magazine sat down a few stools over. I ended up getting into a discussion about beer with him and the bartenders as well as another couple sitting at the bar. It was a lot of beer talk and the bartender kept pouring samples of some secret stash stuff that wasn't on the menu. I think I ended up spending about 2 hours there as a result.

When I ate at Gordon Ramsay Steak that same trip, I was dining solo and was not offered a seat at the bar and sat in the main dining room. I had no issues with that, as some places, I'm not into sitting at the bar.

 levans responded on Friday, 5th September 2014

Having taken a few solo Vegas trips I haven't had any issues dining alone. There are small tables at most places and have never gotten a bad vibe from the staff about being by myself. There are a lot of middle of the road places such as The Henry at Cosmo, Hash House a Go Go at Quad or even Gonzalez & Gonzalez at NY,NY. I like sitting at a table with my feet touching the ground instead of sitting at the bar or a chair. And since it's Vegas you can make a friend with the people sitting next to you.

 Toro66 responded on Saturday, 6th September 2014

I was just out there by myself - its never been a problem. Dining at the bar is my favorite option most of the time - no reservation needed!

Nice bit of info: Andrea's entire menu is available at the VDKA bar out in front - I will use that option in the future.

I ate at tables at Bouchon and at Guy Savoy by myself this trip, no problems at all. At Guy Savoy, they had a nice table for me in the corner, lone chair facing out so I could see the restaurant and out the windows - was amazing!

 johntree responded on Sunday, 7th September 2014

A few years back, in Vegas on my own, I had a fantastic experience at Prime. They were very attentive, gave me a table with my back to the wall and a great view of the dining room. I was able to observe the action around me yet still be comfortable and well fed and boozed. Got to watch a young casino host, hunched down beside a table, being very subservient to an obvious whale. He stayed in that position the entire meal and despite empty chairs the 'whale' never let him sit, just kept him down on his haunches. Guess I would make a lousy whale. Hey it is never a problem being a solo diner.