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The D remodeled bathrooms

Last edit: jinx73 on Tuesday, 18th August 2015 10:47 am
Last response by Ricogreen 19th August 10:29pm

Has anyone heard anything on this? During my stay in July there was a notice that they were starting remodels on bathrooms and I believe the paper said (i could be mistaken) that they'd be doing all the rooms, so I was curious if any had completed or anyone had heard anything.

It's not exactly a room refresh, but the bathrooms did need an upgrade.

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 Chuckmonster responded on Tuesday, 18th August 2015

Derek's Nicole just responded to this topic via Twitter:

"yep! All of the standard rooms are getting new bathrooms 😃"

 michstatemark responded on Tuesday, 18th August 2015

Nicole just confirmed this on Twitter moments ago as I started typing.

Thank God.

Derek & Nicole and everybody associated with them has been awfully good to this community and I prefer to spend my money with them, but I've had a couple bathrooms that were horrible the last couple of years.

 nodeuces responded on Tuesday, 18th August 2015

I require fart fans that move my dress (should I decide to wear one) when it is turned on. Never mind these whisper-quiet models. I'd prefer them to sound like an 80's garbage disposal full of broken glass to offset the sound of carnage caused by hours of pounding chili dogs.

 Heresiarch replied on Tuesday, 18th August 2015

There are Japanese toilets that have a noisemaker function -- generally installed in public restrooms, not in private ones, but feh? Have one everywhere!

I think any Japanese toilet always comes with a bidet spray as well. Maybe just in the suites?

 jinx73 responded on Wednesday, 19th August 2015

Personally I'm hoping for stand alone showers to replace the tubs, and new faucets, rather then the 80's chic handles on each side.

 Ricogreen responded on Wednesday, 19th August 2015

Hopefully they will update their standard room bathroom like their D Suits. That bathroom is on of the nicest offered in Vegas.