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Alon Brochure

Last edit: hail2skins on Sunday, 20th November 2016 3:41 pm
Last response by wpsteel66 22nd November 10:43am

I may have missed it shown earlier, but Tim provided a link to an recently-received Alon brochure on his podcast today. Brochure at:

Listening to the podcast now and Tim absolutely going off on the pretentious verbage within the brochure. Have to admit, I've been a Fremont Street denizen for a while now and, while its exciting to see more information about projects like this that may or may not ever materilize, its pretty difficult to get too excited about Alon and Resorts World. How are these places going to be immune to the forces that have overtaken the Strip, like crappy gambling odds, exhorbitant resort fees, and possibly fees to park your car?

Just thought it might generate some discussion.....thoughts?

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 jimmybond responded on Sunday, 20th November 2016

thanks for sharing I hadn't seen this. Am I the only one who is reminded of of Star Trek Deep Space Nine when I see the floor plan on pg 14?

The specs for conference space are incredibly specific, much more so than I would have thought for a project that has yet to break ground in any meaningful way. This brochure must be targeted at planners of future events and conferences I guess?

I am also struck by how many people are involved from the management/creative side, that is a lot of mouths to feed...not people at the start of their careers with low salaries either.

Haven't heard the podcast but I didn't find the brochure to be pretentious, they're positioning this to be targeting more than the average slot-plugging joe, I felt that the vague demographic aspirations were more like the Cosmo was talking about when it opened.

I feel like this site has really become divided between the hard core downtown crowd and the occasional person that likes the Strip. Do I wish the odds were better in the mainstream Strip resorts? Of course. But on the other hand I have never been panhandled at a slot machine or table in a Strip casino. Walking between downtown casinos makes me think of walking off Strip to Ellis Island - not exactly the highlight of one's trip...

All that being said, I would enjoy rubbing shoulders with the posh slightly pretentious demographic being targeted by Alon, and I hope it gets built.

 motoman replied on Sunday, 20th November 2016

^^ What @jimmybond said.... pretty much to the letter.

 anawas replied on Sunday, 20th November 2016

My wife plans conferences, some in Vegas, and is routinely working more than 12-18 months in advance. I agree, finalizing conference space early is a priority. But (some) curved conference rooms? Interesting.

I don't see much about hotel room design yet, and only the bare bones of a circular floor plan for the entire facility.

The other thing missing? A major attraction, unless that attraction is luxury itself. Bellagio has its fountains. Caesars has its gardens and Roman theme. Wynn has its Lake of Dreams. Venetian has its canals. Aria has its modern art collection.

Alon? 30,000 square feet of green space and a walking path. Hmmm.

 HedgedBettor responded on Sunday, 20th November 2016

With suboptimal locations and no access to the non-VIP player networks of MGM & Caesars, they will have to be fairly competitive on price to keep rooms full and bodies in the casino. In the best case scenario they serve as a competitive check on MGM and force them to backtrack on some of their changes (unlikely!)

 socalduck replied on Monday, 21st November 2016

The association with Crown will give them access to some heavy-hitters, for sure. The competition with MGM, Wynn and Sands will be fierce, though.

 jucifers responded on Monday, 21st November 2016

Thanks for posting this. Now that Alon has released a brochure, is Chuckmonster free to reveal more details?

 LakeMeadLakeErie responded on Monday, 21st November 2016

Doesn't look at all like those leaked blueprints from last year which is a good thing. It looks a lot better, but not mind blowing/people flying from all over the world to see it type of building. That being said, I know the focus will be a higher level of service and for me that does mean a lot. My greatest memories of Vegas were partly the result of the joints being smaller and more personal, so this is just an appetizer I suppose, the main course is a long ways away, let's hope it's worth it.

 maanto21 responded on Monday, 21st November 2016

I agree the brochure is purely for marketing to conference types. The collection of executives is nothing short of remarkable and I'm sure the guidance of Andy P will keep big heads at bay. The rates will be comparable to Wynn in my opinion however the Crown teledex will see Asian whales coming to this property which will likely justify the room rates. Those who have seen Crown properties know the attention to detail that comes with the brand and I'd say, based on the branding on the brochure the rooms will be modern/urban - like unlike the Wynncore rooms.

 HedgedBettor replied on Monday, 21st November 2016

Whales are obviously critical for casino profitability but they need to fill rooms with mid level players and mass market guests. The Crown name and rolodex will be useless for that, so they will have to use price and/or comps to fill up the joint for their non-VIP spaces. Good by me, when the time comes I'll see if the property and offers are good enough to tempt me away from the MGM family

 wpsteel66 responded on Tuesday, 22nd November 2016

I wish them the best in completing this project…I agree that the brochure is marketing to the convention organizers, but some interesting facilities…bummer that the target opening date is still over 2 years away…I am eager to see this place and the level of service…my room at the Wynn last week looked directly into the Alon property…NOTHING going on at this site, and looks as though nothing has begun either (ie, staking the ground)…although, the fence wrap advertising Alon is still hanging.

Although, looks like Resorts World is slowly moving along…the parking garage is up and more steel structures have been added.