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Another one bites the duest... cosmo announces paid parking

Last edit: Jplevel on Friday, 9th December 2016 10:25 am
Last response by motoman 13th December 11:40am

Pain in the ass for us Californians

edit: sweet typo in the title

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 Jplevel responded on Friday, 9th December 2016

This one looks like no discounts for the locals. Interesting timing having all of this paid parking come on while uber and lyft are trying establish a foothold. Locals not being able to park for free would lead to more rideshare usage (i'd assume).

 fudgewapner responded on Friday, 9th December 2016

At least their management response makes sense, instead of an "improving the guest experience" BS.

Their garage is small and it's being used by people staying at the competition, so they need to add fees. I wonder if they considered a "don't pay to park your ass there, stay with the cool kids" instead type of marketing.

Of course they earn revenue and can do it without being the first asshat to do so.

 MinVegas responded on Friday, 9th December 2016

I think as soon as any word of paid parking came out of MGM, everybody thought of the Cosmo.

I don't blame them for this, they're just doing what they have to do with what they have. The downside of being so close to CityCenter that you're mistaken for it is that you get negatively impacted with business decisions like this. And they gave it a year, so you can't say that they didn't give a fair shake to providing free parking to people eyeballing Bellagio and Aria (which is kind of a dumb business plan) a fair shot.

It's a bit different for the ones that have massive garages just for employees; Cosmo was built going all-in on Manhattan style density and this is the effect of that.

 buckeyefan replied on Friday, 9th December 2016

If they really were just "doing what they have to do with what they have" they would offer free parking for their hotel guests, and offer to validate if you eat or shop. They could even have a ticketing system similar to comped drinks for players in the casino. That would keep the freeloaders from using the Cosmo garage and going to Aria, Bellagio, etc. While they may be more forthright than the others it's still BS and about revenue.

 motoman replied on Tuesday, 13th December 2016

I dunno. I'm with fudgewapner & mike_ch on this one. And I f'ing HATE all these fees. Once that first domino was tipped by the MGM PGP bastards, this was bound to happen.

I've written here that I used to rent cars on solo trips... and everyone across the interwebs has their stories of long-hauling cabbies. Uber / Lyft it is, for now. Until this surge pricing, fee grabbing, "bend over for your Player's Club 'bonus,' please" gets to be too much and Vegas starts to suffer for it. Will be interesting to see how it plays out; folks here seem to be a good couple years ahead of the trends compared to the general tourist public.

[edit] Sorry if this comment seemed a bit out of date. I've been reading backwards here on the Board, and hadn't yet read all the previous posts about parking fees. I'll bet Caesars really did see a decrease in availability in their lots. Cosmo had to as well.