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Bellagio VIP Services

Last edit: rollsroycefan on Sunday, 11th December 2016 12:25 am
Last response by MikeE 11th December 12:49pm

I recently got comped for a two night stay on New Years Eve at the Bellagio, and I was just wondering if I could check in at the VIP lounge since the reservation said about contacting the Bellagio Mlife VIP services. I believe the Bellagio Suite is from floors 29-36 but not sure if that still counts as V.I.P

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 MikeE responded on Sunday, 11th December 2016

Call your host and make sure you're coded to check in at the VIP lounge. If you don't have one, call MLife VIP services and ask to speak with a host. If your play warrants a suite over NYE, you definitely warrant a host. That VIP lounge in combination with the express elevators that feed the suite floors exclusively makes a world of difference, especially over crowded weekends; Bellagio will be mobbed.

That said, while you technically can pass through the lounge when staying on the suite floors (assuming you're staying in the main tower), checking in there gives you a VIP room key. That way you can take advantage of the amenities in there (free top shelf booze!). The attendants ask to see the room key on busy weekends.

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