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Which Las Vegas hotels have the worst deferred maintenance issues?

Last edit: jucifers on Friday, 6th January 2017 10:51 am
Last response by LakeMeadLakeErie 23rd January 8:20pm

Which Las Vegas hotels have the worst deferred maintenance issues?

Which Las Vegas hotels will never be fixed?

Which hotels will be allowed to deteriorate until they're condemned?

What are the odds of some hotels burning down before they're imploded?


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 senatorkevin responded on Friday, 6th January 2017

The Rio has had many issues before this latest incident. During the World Series of Poker, they've had numerous times where elevators were broken to the main tower... flooding / sewage problems in the bathrooms near the convention hall and so on.

The Rio has been in purgatory for some time. The only noticeable "improvement" of late was the fact they redid the carpet in the Pavillion room likely because that convention space is a big revenue driver for them when the WSOP is not running.

 andybflo responded on Monday, 16th January 2017




The Rio has just become a hole, with no work done to it for years. Nobody seems to want it (Including CET), and it shows.

The last two have hope; it's just that the parent companies seem to be ignoring them. They're both profitable, and honestly, not sure that *anything* has as much cache' as the Flamingo name (and location.)

Apparently, CET is dumping loot into the Flamingo. We'll see. CircusCircus? Again; potential, but I haven't heard anything about fixing up CC. Everyone after Bill Bennett seems to want to ignore the place. Another shame. Tons of personality and opportunity there.

 vespajet replied on Tuesday, 17th January 2017

Last year, The Leach reported that the Flamingo was going to undergo a major renovation starting in December 2016 and be finished in time for the property's 75th Anniversary in 2021. He said that the plans would be announced after the Caesars Palace 50th Anniversary celebrations ended, yet that has passed with no announcement on such a project. Then again, this could be a project that has been temporarily put on hold until the bankruptcy matter finally gets settled.

MGM has made some improvements to Circus Circus in recent years. Some of the rooms now have the leftovers from Bellagio's previous decor. I think Luxor has ended up with the remainders of Mandalay Bay's previous decor.

 andybflo replied on Wednesday, 18th January 2017

I'll admit, my knowledge of CC is limited to the casino floor...

I agree, it's an oddball acid-trippy, weird casino, but that's *exactly* why I love it. It's not a homogenized post-modern MGM piece of crap. Conversely, the casino floor is beyond beat. I really hope it gets a solid refresh, not a remodel. The huge concrete big-top is just awesome; hope it stays there forever.

Grabbing pieces of past remodels is almost as insulting; I can't see a common style trend anywhere between Bellagio, Mandalay, and CC. Love all three, but they come from vastly different planets.

Flamingo? Last time I was in Vegas (September) a friend grabbed a Fab room. The "newest" of the bunch. It's one of those places you can imagine where a designer gets called into a room and is told "You have $300/room, do your best." The casino floor is not quite as bad as CC, but it's close. Last remodel was Park Place ownership, based on my memory.

I truly hope Robin is right; you'd be hard pressed to find a Vegas "brand" with more pull to the common man than the Flamingo. Perhaps greater than Caesars.

CET owns the two most iconic brands to folks who aren't Vegas-nutty like ourselves; they're letting one of them rot. They should be hung by their toes for it.

 Drake replied on Wednesday, 18th January 2017

That's from yesterday. Looks like CET will emerge from Chapter 11 later this year. I dunno if that means they'll have money to work with, or if they'll still be too over-leveraged to upgrade properties as needed. We'll see. They've really let Flamingo slide.

 LakeMeadLakeErie responded on Monday, 23rd January 2017

Was going through some old Rio stuff and in the mid 90s they were promoting that they were simultaneously a 5 Star Diamond Award winner by the American Academy of Restaurant and Hospitality Sciences and were honored by Zagat as rated #1 in the categories of: best service, best dining, best rooms and best overall hotel.

I think the only person that can save it is Mr. Marnell himself.