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Surge pricing sucks!!!

Last edit: newwave73 on Friday, 3rd February 2017 6:55 pm
Last response by wpsteel66 19th February 7:36pm

I am trying to plan an upcoming Vegas trip. I am a foodie and I have been trying to figure out some restaurants where I would like to go next. I usually stay at MGM resorts because I am typically comped for my entire stay. None of the MGM resorts are posting or allowing any prices on their menus, either on their websites or on any review sites like Yelp etc. It is really stupid and crazy to assume that people will choose a restaurant just based on the items offered. Price is relevant. I don't mind paying a premium for a good experience if I come away saying that was one of the best meals I have ever had. If dinner is $150-$200 a person it had better be amazing, not just Ok or good. No one likes to eat out and pay fine dining pricing every meal of the day. Also, any new restaurant or buffet suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I really think that with MGM removing all pricing from their menus it allows them to change prices at will. Most Restaurants will have a Lunch and Dinner Menu. But that is not what I am talking about. I think they want the ability to be able to hike prices for big Conventions or Holidays, or weekends. And if the menu prices aren't posted anywhere no one will notice. Has anyone seen any evidence of this besides Buffet pricing? Just curious.

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 parchedearth responded on Thursday, 26th January 2017

MGM has surge pricing for drinks at MGM casino bars, buffets have different weekend/holiday prices, and many restaurants have different lunch/dinner pricing for essentially the same meal; but I haven't seen any weekday/weekend price differences for regular restaurant meals. I spent over 40 nights last year in various MGM properties, so this would be a significant new development. Please let us know if you find that this actually exists and whether this is specific to MGM owned restaurants.

I always thought they left the prices off the online menus because they simply didn't want to update the websites whenever the prices were changed. I have seen them post a menu for a new restaurant before it opens and then never change it for years.

 aprilroncincy responded on Thursday, 26th January 2017

I agree, as a frequent Vegas and MGM properties visitor, I've never noticed surge pricing at restaurants weekends vs. weekdays. Only on special menus during holidays. As far as suggestions, I hear that Harvest at Bellagio is very good if you are a "foodie". Have a great trip!

 MinVegas responded on Sunday, 29th January 2017

Surge pricing applies to drinks at bars.

Many resort websites don't include prices on their sample menus. They were doing this five years ago when I was doing menus for Vegas Mate. I would suggest, if you're going to a place operated in connection with another organization, that you check the menus on that org's site. For example, Michael Mina's own website was publishing seasonal menus with pricing for his Vegas restaurants, while Bellagio's site published the same menu year round.

 jimmybond responded on Saturday, 4th February 2017

side note: Charlie Palmer's 'cut of the week' remains the best high end value in Vegas IMHO. every time I go to the menu ( I wish I was there eating it every time I see it.

A buddy of mine went in November and said you have to ask for it, they don't advertise it anywhere in the restaurant or give you that menu as an option. On the bright side, it isn't just on mondays anymore like when they launched it (though this week was Mon-Sat, so check your dates), and it is still $58 per person for high end steak dinner with unlimited wine and generous American-sized portions of sides etc.

 newwave73 replied on Saturday, 4th February 2017

Thank you! I will have to try Charlie Palmer Steak. I have had Brunch at the Four Seasons several times at Veranda and that was really good. So I will check it out!!

 wpsteel66 responded on Sunday, 19th February 2017

Yeah, I do not like the changes MGM made to their website, especially the menus with no pricing...I understand the reason, but I want to get an idea of pricing before hand, regardless of whose property....I have not seen any surge pricing at MGM places...i was in Vegas in December for business and we ate at Herringbone in Aria...enjoyable meal with excellent service. ...typical Vegas dinner prices, but was not sticker shock.