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It was good except for that one thing... (MGM)

Last edit: MinVegas on Tuesday, 25th November 2008 3:42 am
Last response by nullzero00 25th November 7:36pm

"Aww, baby, why you gotta make me hit you?"

Have you ever had a hotel room that was great, except for that one thing that ruins it? A place you want to like, but it turns out that the mattress had bedbugs, or the service people lost your bag, or some other flaw that comes in and threatens to ruin what looked like a good deal?

I'm going through one of those right now. Staying in a casino-comped room at MGM Grand, with a great view of the south Strip, gambling has been a winner, all seemed well. Then, about 45 minutes ago, my body seemed to basically run out of water overnight and my lips began beating the shit out of my teeth for reasons by trying to rub the enamel off, my skin feels like it's cracking up, and I can feel all of this WHILE ASLEEP but cannot wake up to control it for some time later, after which my body feels like it's in a wrinkled mummy body and my mouth is going "owwww."

Apparently this isn't uncommon at MGM, since Chuck experienced something similar without the nightmare dental stuff during his documented stay, and my room is just like his.

So if you want to bitch about hotel rooms that were deceiving in their greatness, or about MGM and their marvelous tactic to sell additional bottled waters, please do so in this thread while I consider whether to bathe myself in the provided lotion or what.

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 Chuckmonster responded on Tuesday, 25th November 2008

I couldn't believe it when i saw your tweet about this... me and Miss Monkay both woke up in the middle of the night at MGM dehydrated to the nth degree and feeling that our sinus had exploded or were catching the flu. i seriously thought I was getting sick and was ready to check out of the hotel and get in the car and go home (a comped room too).

not but 15 minutes after getting out of the room and making the trip to bouchon for breakfast, we both felt great. i honestly thought it was an odd and weird fluke, but to hear you complain of EXACTLY THE SAME SYMPTOMS not only proves what we both felt, but guarantees that I'll never stay at MGM GRAND (in Vegas) ever again.

Seriously... that's an unhealthy atmosphere.

 MinVegas replied on Tuesday, 25th November 2008

(I can't seem to break up paragraphs for some reason. Sorry.)...Well, it's an atmosphere that's similar to Vegas around Christmas. That's when you're shocking yourself on everything made of metal, the skin binding your fingers to your finger nails starts cracking up and you start getting hangnails because of it, I wake up in the morning and immediately put out the morning nosebleed, and the TV weathermen are giggling about the 2% humidity....

Goddamn desert. No wonder I nearly overreacted and moved to Orlando (same problems in an opposite climate.)...

I just got out of the shower, and made sure to leave the hot water running extra long to turn the bathroom into a bit of a sauna (seriously considered plunking the 25 clams to use spa facilities and live in the steam room for a bit) and I felt great. 30 minutes in the main room later, I feel like I need to drink water very frequently again....

The National Weather Service says this area is presently at 25% humidity, but something here is sucking away 20% of that.

 RockChickX51 responded on Tuesday, 25th November 2008

That sounds like some damn poltergeist crap. Dear god. Note to self:Don't stay at MGM Grand.

What would cause that? The air? The air conditioners?

 BlackHillsBoozehound replied on Tuesday, 25th November 2008

The Mummy's curse.

 nullzero00 replied on Tuesday, 25th November 2008

could be the curse of the ghost(s) of all those that perished in the fire many years back...

no, not trying to be funny, and yes, i know it was a different building, but still - it makes a weird kinda curse-sense, if anyone understands my sick mind.