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Odds on Palazzo making the opening date?

Last edit: Atltrainman on Friday, 3rd August 2007 9:12 pm
Last response by MrsHorn 21st August 8:49pm

OK, the Palazzo announced this week an opening date of 12/20/07, just a little over 4 months from now. When I look at very recent construction photos of the hotel on the VegasTodayandTomorrow web site, I see the top floors aren't even enclosed yet.

So who thinks that the Palazzo will open on time, with all construction finished by 12/20/07? Anyone giving odds?

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 donnymac66 responded on Saturday, 4th August 2007

My bet is that they will open, but what qualifies being open? When Sheldon opened the Venetian there were only 200 rooms, the casino and few restaurants in operation. So yes it will be open on time but not all the rooms or any of the restaurants or retail.

Thats my bet

 Chuckmonster responded on Monday, 6th August 2007

It doesn't seem possible does it? Well, I just got back in the door from Vegas and the Palazzo is really taking shape. I asked a maintenance worker at the Venetian this afternoon if he thought they were going to make it and he said "that is what they are saying, they don't want to have a soft opening like they did at the Venetian, thats for sure."

CityCenter's progress is truly amazing. CityCenter is bursting forth and it is going to be HUGE. When I was in Vegas in March, it was only a few floors on the main hotel building, now all sorts of stuff is sprouting up. Unfortunately I didn't get any pix of the CityCenter progress.

Encore's crew is working 24-7, and the construction is progressing very very quickly. It looks like its getting very close to topping out - maybe 10-15 more floors?. Just like Palazzo, Encore and CityCenter are wrapping their exteriors as they go. All these projects are in overdrive.

Other notable construction - Fontainebleu has started to go vertical, i'd say they've got about 10 floors of the hotel tower shell and the underground parking garage has been dug out. Stardust is literally a pile of gravel dust presumably remnants from the Stardust's foundation.

New Frontier is of course closed and fenced in. There are numerous Ryder trucks up and around the main entrance where they are loading out various items that are going to be salvaged or have been sold. Implosion is supposedly scheduled for mid September.

I took a couple of photos:

Palazzo, August 5, 2007

Encore, August 5, 2007

Encore, August 5, 2007

New Frontier's blank marquee - August 5, 2007

 vespajet responded on Monday, 6th August 2007

With the opening date about 4 and a half months away, it looks doable, but just barely. Looking at the most recent photos, they need to get the facade finished before Labor Day so they can finish the interiors.

Since it's only the casino and hotel part of the resort that has been given the opening date of December 20th, I actually expect that part to open as scheduled with some fanfare. I don't expect the true grand opening until the entire project is finished. The paint will probably still be drying on opening night of the hotel and casino.

Going by previous history, the Palazzo isn't going to open with every single room punched out. I doubt they'll open with 200 rooms like the Venetian, and I'd fully expect most of the villas and concierge suites will be completed in time for the opening, with perhaps no more than half of the other suites ready for immediate occupancy. I would put the entire hotel tower being finished by February.

 MrsHorn responded on Tuesday, 21st August 2007

I have to say, judging by what I saw on my trip, there is no way it will make December.

Is there anyone else here who thinks it's ugly? I was sitting outside at Maggiano's eating lunch and all I could do is say "Damn, I know Sheldon hates Steve, but he didn't have to make the Palazzo so hideous." It also blocks the sun on that part of the Strip.