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MGM grand systems down

Last edit: GoVegas333 on Friday, 25th December 2009 5:21 pm
Last response by donnymac66 26th December 3:59pm

Am at the NY NY and many many slog machines have the call attendant lights on. I've Benny sitting at tbd bar waiting for my payment for over an hour. "hand payment required.". Per the bartender, all of the MGM properties computers are down, and have down pretty much all day! Yikes. When you look put over the casino floor, About every 3rd slot machine has the call attendant light flashing.

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 GoVegas333 responded on Friday, 25th December 2009

Sorry for all the spelling errors, am typing from iPhone. Kudos to the bartender who gave free drinks while waiting for video poker payout. But it is something to see walking across the casino floor. With many slot machines abandonded with small payments there that require attendant hand cash payment. Screen after screen showing $6, $8, $4, etc where the player got tired of waiting and just walked.

 Atltrainman replied on Friday, 25th December 2009

Sounds like MGM just found a new way to generate extra revenue. Nevada law says abandoned credits on a slot machine belong to the Casino, so those people who left credits on the machines, just gave that money to MGM.

 Atltrainman responded on Friday, 25th December 2009

The VegasRex site is reporting that the slot computers are down at the Monte Carlo Casino as well.

 talktobrent responded on Friday, 25th December 2009

i wouldn't be surprised if this is the result of some kind of maintenance or update going on. I'd imagine this is one of, if not the slowest days of the year, thus an ideal time to do something that could potentially cause a temporary outage.

 blackjacker1979 replied on Saturday, 26th December 2009

Yes, but if its a planned outage, customers are not informed, and then lose their money for this reason, that's a whole other ball of hurt.

 donnymac66 responded on Saturday, 26th December 2009

Had the story I tweeted about yesterday confirmed by a slot tech at NYNY. Some tourist ran into a transformer that knocked out the power to the servers. Not sure where this is located but he said it was a mess from noon till 6 yesterday