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MGM Cotai Construction Begins

Last edit: StudiodeKadent on Saturday, 2nd March 2013 10:35 pm
Last response by Dramman 12th August 6:18pm

News Item:

Press release:

So, first thoughts is that MGM Cotai isn't being a themed property at all. Rather it looks like its going to be like MGM Macau - the visual style will be a blend of the "greatest hits" of the Vegas properties combined with a Macanese twist.

This is fine by me - I actually prefer the look of MGM Macau to the look of Wynn Macau (the Wynn, however, has better service and free booze on the casino floor, combined with being a better hotel). But how will MGM Cotai differentiate itself from MGM Macau? This is an interesting question.

To be fair, the angular and patterned facade of the building does differentiate itself out from the smooth wavey curves of MGM Macau.

In terms of market positioning, the growth of the mass market (which the company acknowledges) does seem to indicate that MGM Cotai might make itself more mass-market-oriented, and MGM Macau might refocus more on the higher end of the market as a consequence. Or perhaps the property will be just like MGM Macau and take a position that embraces several market tiers... MGM Macau's casino and restaurants cater to a variety of market tiers, whilst the hotel is solidly mid-to-high-end. MGM Cotai might just continue that pattern, but the hotel may include more mass-market facilities?

There are 1600 hotel rooms in MGM Cotai. Perhaps 1000 of these rooms will be mid-range, and the remaining 600 focus on the mid-upper and upper tiers of the market? This would give MGM China 1000 mass-market rooms and 1180 mid-upper and high-end rooms.

Some may think this could create inconsistent branding, but as I said before the MGM Macau does this already in its casino and restaurants, so there seems to be little drawback in being a broad-market property.

Anyway, it looks like MGM and Wynn will open their Cotai projects at similar times.

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 Dave702 responded on Sunday, 3rd March 2013

I like the exterior look--like a bunch of little gift boxes stacked on top of each other. It's different and unexpected, and far better (for me, anyway) than another glass curtain wall or tri-form building.

 StudiodeKadent replied on Monday, 4th March 2013

I agree the exterior is interesting. Its well-differentiated from MGM Macau's appearance whilst still providing continuity, and the different patternings on the different colors makes for something to ponder certainly.

I like how you describe it as "a bunch of little gift boxes stacked on top of each other." That's a pretty good metaphor.

 anawas responded on Tuesday, 5th March 2013

It looks like poorly stacked shipping containers to me. Sorry if that reads like I'm a hater. But at least it's distinct.

 Dramman responded on Monday, 12th August 2013

What I wonder is the geography of the thing. The MGM plot is, rougly, a long rectangle sandwiched between "the dominoes" as I like to call the Sands hotel row and a narrow street with Wynn's plot across. The archtecture might be striking, but who is going to see it when it is drowned out by its neighbors?

A more interesting question is access. The roads are rather narrow, however the southren half of the rectangle with the traffic circle gives way to larger roads that make up Estrada Deportivo. This might make it a good entrance. On top of this, I wonder how it will look from the projected streetcar terminus expected to be built by the COD/Wynn/MGM corner. Finally, I wonder if there will be any access from "the dominoes".

This brings me to my final concern on how it can be pulled off. What about the service and "back stage" areas to the resort? The northern half seems to narrow for delivery trucks (and poor access for employee traffic), and that does not even account for any area the streetcar station might take up (plus the shielding from arriving tourists). Meanwhile if you make the south the service entrance, it takes away the chance to have the grand entrance around the traffic circle. Perhaps, as "the dominoes" do now, serivce area can be found in the area abutting "the dominoes" and the MGM. Yet you run into the issue of narrow roads again (and the eventual traffic jam that would be Estrada Istumo.