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Favorite Macau Casino

Last edit: Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 3rd October 2007 5:16 pm
Last response by Chuckmonster 26th October 3:24am

Macauman asked a question in another thread that kinda deserves its own subject. He inquired something to the affect of : 'What was your favorite casino in Macau and why?'

If by casino you mean 'actual casino floor' I'd have to say that I felt extremely comfortable and had a great time playing at Wynn Macau first and foremost. The layout of the joint, as I attempted to describe in a blog post, is quite unique. It is essentially an bunch of smaller, more intimate gaming salons that are interlocked together to form a gigantic grid. Each of these small gaming salons provide an incredibly intimate atmosphere. You might think that boxing off the casino would prove to be an obstacle to getting players to the tables. They're not... in fact they draw you in by the serenity and the brighter lighting. It's miraculous how the design is not only invites you in but keeps annoying foot traffic away from the tables. The casino as a while is quieter, not because of lack of play, but because of the architecture - more sound gets absorbed. For some strange reason it still feels like a big room casino although it is very boutique at the same time. The mass market areas feel like VIP salons... one can only wonder what the real VIP salons look like.

I also had a good time playing at the Venetian, once I found some VP machines that were set far back from the hubub and not crowded at all. The more heavily trafficked casino areas can be unbearably crowded and loud. Not because of throngs of players, but because of throngs of people wandering about, overwhelmed by the sheer size of the joint (and the bad signage.)

Crown Macau's casino was, by far, the most elegant, beautiful and hippest of them all. I played a bit, won about HK$500 playing Sic Bo then chilled out at the bar for a while. There was not much action in there, but from what the employees told me, it was a standard Tuesday night.

Generally, I'm disappointed by the lack of spinning reel machines in Macau. Not everybody likes (or trusts) server based video slots that have indecipherable grids of 100 pay lines and 20 credit per line options. New technology is great, but spinning reel machines are the staple of casinos everywhere. Needless to say, there weren't many slot players and I'd attribute it to the confusing video slot games as well as slots not being a big deal over there. They gotta get some Double Diamond Deluxe Haywire's up in their joints pronto.

Another casino I had fun at was the Greek Mythology Casino which is right next door to Crown Macau. Unlike most SJM casinos, I didn't get oddball looks and it was completely unpretentious and fun. They had a great girly floor show with an array of Portuguese ladies gyrating on poles and doing a bunch of other goofy dances. I found a great bank of VP machines that proved to be quite profitable.

Casino Lisboa, no thanks. Grand Lisboa, interesting and pretty, but too impersonal for me. I won a bunch of loot at Sands Macao but there was no way I would consider it a 'gotta see destination'. The Sands does not have the proper layout for the number of people in there. They gotta take a row or two of tables out of there to give the place a little bit of breathing room - I suggest the empty row of Caribbean Stud tables.

StarWorld has a very nice casino, but since I had just arrived and had only one day to scope the joint out I didn't really settle in and play at all.

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 Atltrainman responded on Wednesday, 3rd October 2007

Your comments about the intimate feel of the Wynn casino is quite interesting. It goes right along with the design criteria that I remember being mentioned on one of those Travel Channel Vegas Week shows. There was some professor, I forget his name, that did an extensive survey of casino patrons in Nevada and found that people liked the lower ceilings, and smaller casinos better than the big casinos with high ceilings. Seems like maybe the designers of the Wynn Macau may have read that professor's book.

I understand that the Encore casino is supposed to be a twin of the Wynn Macau, so maybe we will see a new trend in Vegas. Bigger is not always better.

 Chuckmonster replied on Sunday, 7th October 2007

This is true. Wynn Encore's casino is modeled after the Wynn Macau casino. Wynn Macau's Diamond suite expansion is modeled after the Wynn Encore's suites - it's a mix'n'match affair. I'm counting the days until Encore opens!

 macauman responded on Saturday, 6th October 2007

This is the best Macau site I've come across. Love the detailed hotel review of Starworld. I can't wait to see the review of the Crown Macau, the pictures look amazing.

 Chuckmonster replied on Sunday, 7th October 2007

Thanks macauman - I truly appreciate your praise for MacauTripping. Thank you!

I worked on the site for five months before we realized that going there was a must - if the site going to be done properly. I can't even begin to tell you the number of hours I spent doing research before I even knew therre was going to be an actual trip involved. It's pretty obvious that most Macau sites are built by folks who are doing nothing other than regurgitating content for the purpose of generating ad revenue. I'll bet that very few - if any - of these publishers have actually been there or stayed in more than one hotel the one time they went. Taking a whirlwind tour of 5 hotels in 8 days isn't the best way of absorbing the Macau experience, but, for a fact finding first-timers mission, there was no other way. I'm very very excited to return for another trip once some more of Cotai is built out - at the very least MPEL's Trinity project, MGM, City of Dreams, Macao Studio City and phase 1 of Galaxy World. This time I'll bring the Mrs. for another whirlwind tour of all the new joints, but hopefully we'll have some more time to hit some of the temples and more touristy locations.

Re: Crown - As I said in the blog posts, Crown Macau is a complete knockout. It's a gorgeous hotel that is designed to the nines from top to bottom - a lotta great eye candy for the graphic designer in me. The service was impeccable too... it very clearly illustrated what they mean when they refer to Crown as a "six star" hotel. It's the only hotel on my list for a return engagement, mostly because I want my wife to see the place to understand why I've been talking about it non-stop since I've been home. I did a quick walk through of their spa/pool and she's gonna go nuts when she sees it (she's a big spa freak.) I also want to do some extensive exploration of their restaurant offerings as well and sit on the deck outside of Aurora and suck down a bottle or two from their wine room. :)

 alby22 responded on Monday, 15th October 2007

I agree with Macauman, this is the best Macau site i have come across and i think i have been to them all. The majority are all just cut and paste jobs with the same information on them.
I have been living and working in Macau for the past 2 years and i feel your reviews pretty much got it right except for maybe your "celebrity" status may have opened a few doors for you. Anyway, keep up the good work.
Oh and I have been told on the hush by an MGM exec that they open on the 9th December.

 Chuckmonster replied on Tuesday, 16th October 2007

thank you very much alby... i really appreciate your praise. i've still got a huge pile of stuff to write up about the macau trip, right now i've got a window of 2 weeks to get the new vt site launched before the trippies final voting begins. i'm going to try and squeeze out the hotel lisboa review in the next day or two time depending of course.

celebrity status? are you kidding? thanks for the tip about the mgm date... we'll see what happens.

 macauman replied on Tuesday, 16th October 2007

Skip Lisboa, Let's see the Crown Macau video and hotel review. That spa and the Aurora restruant looks awesome!

 Chuckmonster replied on Thursday, 18th October 2007

@macauman - don't tempt me. :)

 macauman responded on Thursday, 25th October 2007

Dare I say, I might have to start getting my Macau info. elsewhere? Work out those bugs, Chuckmonster and bring on the Hotel Reviews. :)

 Chuckmonster replied on Friday, 26th October 2007

there is no elsewhere... there is only here. :)

i'm working on this stuff as hard as i possibly can. it didn't help that my computer had a melt down this week.

if i could split myself into three people I'd be really fucking psyched.