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The latest excuse for Macau casinos why they are still losing money

Last edit: pablo on Saturday, 26th June 2010 4:24 pm
Last response by Dramman 10th July 1:15pm

Is it true that some playing cards have chips inside?

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 Kagehitokiri responded on Sunday, 27th June 2010

more guerrilla linking?

or just referring to percentages?

2009 casino revenue - macau vs vegas
sands - $2.9B vs $614mm
wynn - $1.7B vs $506mm

 nullzero00 responded on Sunday, 27th June 2010

i read that article - if they're so worried about scanners reading the cards before they are dealt, there is a pretty easy solution.

1. institute blackjack-style "no touch" rules. noone handles the cards, noone can swap cards. now you can eliminate the chipped cards and use regular cards. if this doesn't eliminate the threat/concern, then:

2. install the "heads up" window (like in hold'em, where you see the player's cards) for each spot where the cards are dealt.
if there is a question for card swapping, they can have a monitor in the pit that checks the cards dealt versus what is turned over.

 Dramman responded on Saturday, 10th July 2010

Actually, I wonder how it works. The way the game is played I cannot figure out how knowing an unflipped card will help you. Sure, it could get people involved more in post-betting (or removing bets), particuarly in chaotic Macau. However that was always a problem. A scanner would not change this.

As for the high roller problem, that is actually more a junket problem. You need to be in a junket usually to get into those VIP tables. As I recall how junkets operators get paid in Macau, its both from the action as well a chunk of the players loss. As such, a junket operator has just as much of an incentive (if not more) to spot and stop cheating. Not to mention the fact if he does not, he and all his players may be booted from the Casino.