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Reno: Where would you stay?

Last edit: BigHoss on Thursday, 6th March 2014 10:47 am
Last response by antcomp 7th April 11:45pm

There is a strong possibility that I'll spend at least one night in Reno or Tahoe this summer. Where would you stay and why?

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 Chuckmonster responded on Thursday, 6th March 2014

You haven't lived a full casino lover's life until you've been to The Peppermill in Reno. It is a sight to behold and they've got a new(ish) hotel tower too. Downtown is withering on the vine... but worth a visit. Eldorado rooms are funky but the hotel itself has a great upscale western mining town feel... the Wynn of 1862.

South Lake Tahoe... Harrah's has nicer rooms but Montbleu is worth the time warp to experience vintage Caesars decor.

 MattK responded on Thursday, 6th March 2014

For what it's worth, I had a good time at the Siena last year. It's clean, and close to downtown.

Oh - and if you're looking for poker, which I was, the El Dorado was the only downtown casino that had it. The poker action was mainly at Peppermill and Atlantis.

 NeverJustJ responded on Thursday, 6th March 2014

If it's a name you've heard before, there's nothing wrong with any room in Reno or Tahoe...nothing amazing, nothing over the top, but nothing wrong. Circus in Reno is fine...nothing more, but clean and, well, fine. El Dorado does have some problematic rooms, but, most of them are at the very lowest price points...and even then, they're not bad, really just VERY small and with views that range from a bunch of air conditioning units behind the marquee to the window of the room across from you. If you choose a room that seems like a good deal, but not a steal, it will be nice. Harrah's Reno has quite a variety of rooms...none of them special, none of them awful. Harrah's Tahoe has great rooms...every one with TWO bathrooms, yes, TWO bathrooms! Peppermill and Atlantis in Reno are both quite nice, but away from "downtown." I haven't stayed at Silver Legacy in quite a while, but it was very nice when I stayed there. Sands Regency (Reno) has nice sized rooms that are basic, simple, clean and CHEAP!

 Drake responded on Friday, 7th March 2014

We're doing a Reno-Yosemite-Lake Tahoe trip in June. We did Reno-Tahoe 3 years ago, and here are my thoughts.

Reno: If you want the downtown experience, old Reno, stay at one of the MGM properties: Eldorado, Silver Legacy, or Circus Circus (though I don't think they're part of MLife). They're connected inside so it's one big complex. And yes, the Reno CC isn't bad like the LV CC, though I'm not sure how their CC steak house stacks up against the Vegas version. We spent a night at the Silver Legacy and a night at Harrah's, and I'd pick SL hands down over Harrahs any day (and I'm a TR guy).

Lake Tahoe. We pick Harrah's here, for the simple reason that every room has two bathrooms. Ahhhh. And they're nice too. Can't go wrong. And check out Cafe Fiore in South Lake Tahoe for a great dinner.

If you're in the area for a few days, take a day trip down to Bodie State Park. Incredible place.

 NeverJustJ replied on Friday, 7th March 2014

Circus Reno is not part of MLife, they have their own program...Club One, I think. I would imagine if you're an MLife member they can somehow look you up and would match what you'd get in Las Vegas, but I don't know for sure. I always forget to mention the three connected casinos when talking about Reno...I guess it is kind of unusual. And you're right, of those three Silver Legacy has the best rooms. For a very old school steakhouse experience, the Harrah's steakhouse can't be beat. It's down a hallway and flight of stairs from the casino. Quality was not as good as it has been in the past when I was there about a year ago, but still very good. If you're traveling solo as I was, you can eat at the bar and have the entire experience...sorbet between courses, truffles in a silver bowl filled with "smoking" dry ice for dessert!

 jerrydice replied on Saturday, 8th March 2014

I agree with what Drake is saying. Harrahs Reno rooms are decent, and the Eldorado casino is nice for downtown. Love South Lake Tahoe...can't attest to room quality there though since we've only stayed in a tent in Tahoe.

Bodie is awesome, and Mono Lake is pretty neat too (a little farther south) if you're up for an adventure. Enjoy the trip, BigHoss...that's one of my favorite areas of the U.S.

 Drake replied on Sunday, 9th March 2014

Yeah, we love that area too, jerrydice. Then there's Virginia City which is a great afternoon visit, Donner State Park near Truckee, and even just driving the loop around Lake Tahoe is amazing, especially near Emerald Bay.

@neverJustJ, wife and I ate at Reno Harrah's steakhouse and you're right, it's a classic joint. Old school Reno all the way, very nice, loved our meals. We had a great time.

 n580564x responded on Friday, 7th March 2014

I have been to Reno several times and my favorite was the Silver Lagacy and Harrahs when it was a grown up vacation {sexy time! :)}. These two places are in Downtown and in the middle of the action (not LV action, but still more action than outside of DT). I stayed at the Peppermill and it was very nice, but a little far from the action. I also stayed at The Grand Sierra and with the kids no place can beat the Grand Sierra (Go Karts, miniature golf, A huge Bowling arena and an awesome lake right there!). I have heard great things about the Atlantis, but never stayed myself. You can't go wrong, you will not find a room of horrors like the Flamingo or the Quad, every room is decent. Good luck!

 BigHoss responded on Tuesday, 11th March 2014

Thanks, all, for the recommendations. If I don't keep you posted while the planning proceeds, rest assured I'll report back afterwards. The plan right now is kind of a road trip starting in Vegas, advancing to Reno then Napa then San Francisco. Hell, at this point, I'd go to a refrigerator box in the back yard for a few days if it were sunny and warm enough -- and if there were some pool girls bringing me cocktails.

 jerrydice replied on Tuesday, 11th March 2014

Sounds like one hell of a trip, BigHoss. Enjoy!

 antcomp responded on Monday, 7th April 2014

I realize this is a bit old by now, but i just got back from a Reno and Tahoe trip last week, so I thought I'd throw in my two cents (sorry, didn't really plan on a full trip report or I'd post one).

As a reference point, I'm a former Vegas local and when I go home I almost always stay at either the Mirage or the Golden Nugget Rush Tower.

In Tahoe I stayed at Harvey's for the simple reason that they would comp me, while Harrah's was going to be $60 per night. I had a Luxury room, which I was very happy with and looked like it had recently been remodeled. Due to the shape of the tower, the rooms all mostly have a corner double window with seating area, but no table other than the extended dresser/desk below the TV. The bathrooms had a separate vanity area with sink and closet, toilet room, and separate shower and soaking tub and additional sink. The Counter tops appeared to be Marble. I can't speak to the rooms at Harrah's Tahoe, but supposedly the rooms are even nicer and include stocked mini-bars and two full bathrooms.

In Reno, I stayed at Harrah's in the west tower. I was again pleasantly surprised with the overall quality of the rooms, and from what I've seen and heard these rooms are probably on the upper end of what one would find at a Harrah's (easily the second best rooms at Harrah's in Nevada, after Tahoe and before Vegas or Laughlin).

Tahoe is easily the better place however between the two if not only for the scenery, but Reno can be fun in a sort of nostalgic way.

As far as the casinos go, In Tahoe the limits are about the same (a few $5 dollar tables, but mostly $10), and I don't recall ever seeing them lower at one property over the other. Harvey's looked a bit more dated, and reminded more of Harrah's in Las Vegas crossed with the a bit of the Flamingo for good measure, while Harrah's didn't remind me at all of a Harrah's and deffinitely had an upscale flair to it (sort of what Bally's could look like if they took some time and invested some money, or the high limit salon at Paris).

In Reno, the pit and surrounding area looked very similar to its Tahoe sibling, while the rest was somewhat typical Harrah's.

Tahoe is easily the better place however between the two if not only for the scenery, but Reno can be fun in a sort of nostalgic way. Caesars actually seems to be taking a bit of pride in their Northern Nevada operations as of late, although its still pretty easy to get a comp at any of the three if you're a TR player.

It's also worth mentioning that at all three places, a fair amount of casino staff had been there for going on 20+ years. Harrah's Reno, had plaques along the wall commemorating the performers who had once graced their showroom. It's sort of a sad reminder of whats become of Reno recently.

As someone who has made the drive from Vegas to Reno before, I would highly recommend against doing it (for that mater, anything, a root canal, watching paint dry, attending a lecture on advanced calculus, you name it, is better). It's long, desolate, with practically no towns, scenery, or anything remarkable. It's 8-10 hours of hell that makes you question your intelligence. You're only consolation that'll keep you going is the beauty of Tahoe and Yosemite.