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Reno Comments

Last edit: wpsteel66 on Friday, 19th June 2015 12:25 pm
Last response by Drake 26th June 6:35am

Only two good things to say about downtown: first, the connector between Circus Circus (CC), Silver Legacy, and Eldorado; able to walk from one casino to the next with gaming, restaurants, and shops along the way (really do not know that you are going out of one casino to the next). Second, Brew Brothers eatery; great place to watch a game, have some drinks, and get a good, big meal.

If you stay at a casino in downtown, my advice is to avoid CC. Also stay in the hotel/casino because there is nothing worth seeing outside. We walked down to the river to see the river side entertainment district, something I read about in a visitorís guide. Our walk was pretty interesting in what we saw: rundown buildings, a lot of empty storefronts, and interesting people. After seeing nothing at the river, wife said pretty scary place and she wanted to get back to the hotel.

I do not know what I was thinking when I booked a room at CC. I read some things on the internet and got the impression that CC Reno was not bad. Plus I thought that MGM would have a better property in Reno due to the competition. Boy was I wrong. What a run down, outdated room. I stayed at some low tier hotels, but CC was really bad. The picture of the mini suite on CC website is totally inaccurate. The furniture is from the 1970's, no luxury couch, no sitting chairs, no bed comforter, and no plants, plus the carpet and bathroom fixtures probably have not been replaced since the building was built. You could not drop the thermostat setting below 66 degrees, no wall light switches, and the AC unit was loud. I thought things were going to be bad when we entered the parking garage and saw the poor condition of the garage and building exterior along with the hotel hallway funky smell. But the elevators were quick. The casino had a closterphobic feeling; I felt I could reach up and touch the ceiling. Craps table was $3 before dinner and $5 afterwards. Only 3x4x5x odds but 3x on 12 in the field with a fire bet. Dealers were more interested in talking among themselves and had troubles with placing and paying craps bets. Slot selection was decent, but nothing spectacular. Drink service was readily and overhead music was okay. I did not check VP pay scales. I recall a few BJ tables being 6:5 and hitting on soft 17. I am not a BJ player, so did not investigate any other BJ playing rules.

We are really glad we did not rush from Lake Tahoe to Reno. I wanted to visit the Reno car museum, but we arrived too late in the afternoon and would have less than 2 hours to see everything after checking into the hotel. Did not think worth paying admission and rushing. Next time we fly out of Reno we plan on staying at a hotel south of the airport.

Reno airport is nice. Not a busy place with mobs of people either day (Saturday and Wednesday). Rental car counters are across from baggage claim. You walk out of building, cross the street and go into parking garage and pick up the rental. Getting out of the airport onto the interstate was quick and easy. Returning car was simple and not a hassle. I do not recall seeing gas stations around the airport; but could have overlooked due to a lot of road construction and pouring down rain early in the morning when we returned the car. A gas station is close to CC. Getting checked-in and through security were pretty quick.

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 Drake responded on Friday, 26th June 2015

Good advice! Reno CC is a weird place just to walk through (imagine that!). I gave it some thought myself for my recent trip, but after reading your comments I'm glad I passed.

We spent the first and last night of our Tahoe trip in Reno due to late arrival and early departure, so I'll add my two cents here too. We stayed first night at Silver Legacy which was perfectly fine. They've kept the place up and it's definitely an inviting place compared to the other downtown Reno joints. It feels more "4-star Strip" than "2-1/2 star Fremont Street" like the other properties. I'm a Total Rewards guy but I'll pick Silver Legacy over Harrah's Reno every time.

We stayed at the Grand Sierra for our last night, which is the old Hilton. Giant place. It wasn't bad at all, but I'd suggest springing for the "Summit" rooms which are very nicely renovated, rather than the standard rooms which have been spruced up but still feel a bit dated. My wife wasn't that thrilled with the first room we saw, so they bumped us up to the Summit. Thumbs up on that bit of customer service. We had a chance to enjoy the pool, too, which is good by Reno standards. Next time, though, we'll probably consider Atlantis or Peppermill ourselves for any 'layover' stay.

RNO is indeed a pleasure to fly in and out of. You pick up car keys at baggage claim rental desk and just walk across the street to pick up car. Done! All of the major Reno casino/hotels are only 2-3 miles away, so if you arrive half dead from the east coast at 11:00 pm like we did it's easy enough to get to your hotel on the local surface roads. Late-night Reno is kinda like late-night downtown Vegas, kinda sketchy.

We actually dropped off our rental car at RNO the day before our departure, to save a day's rental, and then took the Grand Sierra's free shuttle bus to the hotel and back the next a.m. for our 6:30 am flight. It's maybe a 100-yard walk from car drop-off to shuttle bus pickup area. All the main Reno hotels have free shuttle buses, and for us it worked out well.

In your other post you mentioned the Rt 80-Truckee-Rt-89 route to Tahoe. I would also suggest taking the Rt 431 route for anyone driving to/from Tahoe, which brings you to the top of the lake by Incline Village. There's a beautiful vantage point where you can park and take in the entire lake after you peak the mountain and begin descending into the lake valley. However, I'd take 431 in daytime only; there are lots of switchbacks that make it a bit more challenging in the dark. You want to see the sights anyway.