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April 22 - 29 2013 Trip Report

Last edit: Lucky4now on Tuesday, 30th April 2013 10:11 am
Last response by lewintn 5th May 3:30pm

What started off as high hopes ended up as a disappointment with a bad losing streak and overpriced restaurants. Left Monday and our total flight delay was 6 hours due to the FAA furlough, 3 hours for the first connection and another 3 hours for the second connection. Finally got to the room at Aria 3 am in the morning from the east coast. The vanilla smell was wonderful and I couldn't smell any smoke. Went to the Vettro cafe food was good but menu was the most boring. I have seen better variety at other cafes within Vegas. I could count the number of items on my two hands. They need to have more choices. Before I head up to bed decided to play slots. Very tight.. you would be slightly ahead about 40 dollars and it went all downhill from there. After the bad slot play decided to head to room I had a corner suite the bed is comfortable but the room was a boring brown it had great view and I love the bathtub. It took awhile to figure out the control panel for the room but it could be figured out. The TV remote didn't work and the lampshade above the bed was broken. It was easy to call front desk and within a hour it was fixed. Slept for 5 hours and decided to take the hop on hop off bus tour at noon. Stopped off at the famous pawn shop, and it was a lot smaller than expected. Then went to Circus Circus out of curiosity. Pretty dingy casino, I was hoping to see the acrobatic act. Next stop was the Golden nugget and I was surprised how much better it was than Circus Circus. Clean and the pool area was nice. Plus the table games were reasonable and you didn't have a huge bankroll to have fun. Stayed for an hour and went on to the bus, to do shopping at the outlets. After that decided to get a cab to save time as we had dinner at Tetsu. Dinner at Tetsu it was a Japanese hibachi grill the food was good but very expensive, I would only go here if you had a huge bankroll. Played some roulette $15 table minimums but lost. Played more slots at Aria and once again very tight and very little playtime with $100. Headed up to bed at midnight. Next day decided to hang at the pool and rent a cabana at Aria it was on a Wednesday so the price was more reasonable then the losing slotplay. Great service for lunch but we had to leave around 4 and couldn't find our server for the check waited half an hour and went to front and said we have an appointment so they gave our check later. The pool restaurant is closed and they only have waitresses serve. It would be nice just to be outside at the restaurant. If you have a regular chair service is slow expect a 45 minute wait to order.
After the pool went to The Palazzo and played table games once again the minimums are $15. It was at night, then we went to Lavo for dinner. service was ok and the food mediocre. We had a tasting menu that consisted of a salad, salmon and tiramisu for dessert. Yawn... Nothing that great it was loud as well. We decided to head back to the casino and were approached by a promoter for club The Act. We decided to give it a try free entry, after a very long walk and up to the third floor we entered a room that reminded me of Halloween haunted fun house narrow walkways up and down to a small club that was dark with scary characters dancing on a stage One character walking on stilts looked like a goat. There was a stage and it looked like there could have been acrobatic acts but it not many dancers and it was boring. Only 1 dancer and the goat on stilts. We would have stayed longer if was more interesting but the music wasn't to my liking to wait . Back down to the Venetian, stopped a The Bourbon room great music and the dance floor was packed, probably because they cater to the over 30 crowd. It was they had a DJ that looked like Axl Rose that walked around with others on the dance floor it was fun and the music was 80's. Stayed here till three in the morning, played some table games 10 minimum. Took a taxi cab ride that was scary my friend noticed that there was an empty bottle in the back and the driver looked sleepy. We crossed our fingers to get back to the hotel room at Aria. The next day we went back to the outlets to shop and by 7 were exhausted and I was tired of being on my losing streak so we went to bed early and slept for 12 hours. The next day my friend went to the gym and I went to the Spa at Aria loved the meditation rooms and steam room, then off to Bellagio to see the garden conservatory it was in the Spring theme with tulips and windmills with wooden shoes. Went to play more table games and was still on my losing streak. Luckily that night went to see the Prince concert, we had seats and we were supposed to go in a separate VIP line but there was nobody there to direct you to the correct line. The concert was great. We then were directed to the Casino and I played roulette, another losing streak. So we decided to head back to Aria to the Gold lounge were they were playing 80's music, we had to pay cover even though we were guests at the hotel! They explained that we had three free drinks. Stayed a couple of hours but our feet were killing us we were in heels and we limped back up to our hotel room. Next day had room service for breakfast. It was quick and good. My friend had to head back home but I was going to stay an extra couple of nights. Went to Bellagio on the tram to the Petrossian bar for the tea service, it was nice would recommend it . It was so filling I didnít need to eat dinner. Tried to play some more roullete and still couldnít shake off the losing streak . Went to Aria again played the automatic machine craps, then played slots and still on a losing streak. Called it a night and went to bed at 11. Sunday was a spa day and pool day, decided to hold off on the gaming until the night. In the evening played slots and roulette , would have liked to played craps but they were only two tables with 15 minimum open and they were full. The other tables were 100, 25, and 500 minimums. Stayed away from blackjack as the payout was 2 to 1. I donít have a Daddy Warbucks for that kind of play.
This was the first time I had a awful losing streak since I been to Vegas. Next time I visit I am going to break up the week with different hotel stays, Golden Nugget , Venetian, Aria. Aria is a great place to relax, the spa and pool are wonderful . The gaming and eating it is expensive and if you want to shop it requires a long walk or cab ride. Crystals was empty , they should have more shopping choices for people other than oil barons or Steve Wynn. The Venetian has several different places to eat drink and shop, but it is starting to look tired and the restaurants are overpriced Cheesecake Factories. The Bellagio is nice for table gaming and has more slot options as well.

Maybe I should stay away from the Strip and head downtown. I am thinking of doing that . If you have any tips on better stays for my next trip it would be great! Hoping the next one won't be as dissapointing but still love Vegas!

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 chrisrobbins1980 responded on Tuesday, 30th April 2013

I love staying downtown, shorter walks, lower limits. If you don't mind the drunk riff raff under the FSE it's a good time! Sorry your trip had no luck, better luck next time!

 MEMO1 responded on Tuesday, 30th April 2013

That was a good read, sorry about your losing streak, bet you'll make it up in your next trip, more so if you stay in a Downtown hotel.
I would recommend Golden Nugget, The D and Plaza, they are very nice & affordable and you have other eight casinos within walkin distance to try your luck, nice food and cheap drinks.
Cheers !

 Blakjackkid responded on Wednesday, 1st May 2013

Thanks for the great trip report! I'm going to the Aria this weekend. I'll run a few hundred $$$ thru the slots just to keep 'em happy but I will do most of my heavy bettin' at the Orleans double-deck bjack tables.

 JakeDAnders responded on Thursday, 2nd May 2013

I enjoyed your trip report - even if you didn't have much luck. It was actually refreshing to read about someone losing. Maybe I'm just demented.

The group I typically go with try to spend about half our time downtown. The gambling is decent and it's quite a different experience than being on the Strip. I especially like to expose Vegas Virgins to both realities.

Again, thanks for the report!

 Malibugolfer responded on Thursday, 2nd May 2013

Please explain "Stayed away from blackjack as the payout was 2 to 1" I'd wait in line for a 2-1 payout on naturals.

 Lucky4now replied on Friday, 3rd May 2013

I'm used to playing 3-1 payouts in Conneticut on blackjack.

 Blonde4ever responded on Sunday, 5th May 2013

"the goat on stilts"


Downtown is where it is at! Thanks for the report.

 lewintn replied on Sunday, 5th May 2013

Met some girls at this club - "The Act" and it is just a bizarre as described. In addition to the elaborately dressed goat on stilts, there is a woman in a net (wearing very little) writhing around above the bar, an S&M fantasy dance troupe, some pretty rough on a bed/acrobat gym...and a "newly married" bride and groom in full dress who end up doing an overhead acrobatic routine wrapped in a rope/sheet. Oh, also, she has no legs. Yes, a very interesting place...good times though!