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Cinco De Drinko

Last edit: CWatts26 on Saturday, 11th May 2013 10:00 am
Last response by Chuckmonster 11th May 2:54pm

Just got back from Vegas. 5 of us stayed at LVH 5-4-to 5-7 Sat-Tue. Arrived in Vegas around 10:18 am ( you never round off in Vegas). Took the Taxi to LVH ( wasn't long hauled) checked our bags in and headed over to place some bets on Kentucky Derby, Mayweather vs Guerrero, etc. Couple of my friends took orb. Anyways got 3 day Monorail passes and hit the Strip. Headed over to The Quad to check it out... Pretty nice we played the pop up craps, we had the strategy of don't bet the pass line, which worked out in our favor. Then all of a sudden while we're playing, NBA player Andrew Bynum walks past us which was funny cause he wanted nothing to do with us after we recognized him. Headed over to see Cook E Jarr both days at Harrahs Piano bar... Which was a lot of fun. Went to check in finally around 8pm and the room wasn't ready. One of our buddies went on a rant, checked back about ten minutes later and they gave us a nice mini suite. I'm I boring u ? Lets do a rapid craps summary.

- ate at Burger Bistro, Hidden Pizza, Tacos El Gordo ( best tacos I've ever had). Witchcraft, Earl, American Coney Island.

- majority of us do sports bets, craps, blackjack. Won with OKC Thunder ( ummmm Sonics) not covering the spread for Game 1, 2. I did all my table games Downtown. Main St Station still my fav place to play craps.

- Sunday night we went downtown played craps at El Cortez, Blackjack at The Cal was great ! Had a awesome dealer named Armando. Pretty much don't remember that night. Lots of jäger and lime a Rita.

- The weather was really disappointing as most of the time it was shitty. Sad to see Bills closed... as Caesars can eat a bag of dicks . PH sports book is a joke, took the leather chairs out and put Tables with folding chairs. Gotta save some money for The Stinq.

- signed up for M life while playing the greyhound game, also played Lions share which was uneventful. I probably drunk dialed Tim & Michele 3 times and I'm pretty sure they blocked my cell number lol.

- I'm sure there's more but the old saying is " what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas".

- quick shout out to The D. They really know what they're doing, I've stayed there twice. Love the atmosphere, long bar is awesome, upstairs vintage Vegas has the Sigma Derby. As for the rooms beds are comfy, modern looking. If you wanna stay somewhere on Fremont this is the place.

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 BigHoss responded on Saturday, 11th May 2013

Agree about Main Street Station. Sounds like a fun trip. Thanks.

 n580564x responded on Saturday, 11th May 2013


I agree with you on "Caesars can eat a bag of dicks" lol, I loved going to Bills GH and drinking cheap with a bunch of down to earth people, I also enjoyed the shit out of the Beer pongs. It will now be a douche bag boutique hotel and casino, I guess Ceaser's hates regular people. I also loved O'Sheas with it $5 BJ on the strip (unheard of now a days), cheap poker tounaments and $0.50-$1 no limit hold em games, you could buy 2 pitchers of beer and a bunch of cups and play beer bong until the cows came home. It's all gone now so Ceasars can charge you up the arse for a drink and some designer $50 T-shirts, what a bunh of assholes.

 Chuckmonster responded on Saturday, 11th May 2013

Lime-A-Rita! YES!