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Some trip comments

Last edit: wpsteel66 on Monday, 7th October 2013 3:44 pm
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Below are some comments and observations from a 4-night Vegas trip that the wife and I completed Sept 25-29.

Another great stay at Vdara; room on 43rd floor with view of Bellagio fountains. Neat to watch the fountains, but I would not pay extra for a room specifically to watch the fountains. Vdara fitness center will be renovated. The pool was not as nice as Aria (add a few palm trees), but still a nice place to hang out and enjoy the outside. If you are in search of a pool party atmosphere, may want to consider another pool (at least when we were there).

Best meal we had was at Julian Serrano in Aria (service, food quality, atmosphere). We order a Gotham pizza as take out from Pizza 550 in Aria; great tasting pizza. A bit pricey but we were in Vegas; would eat this pizza again without any hesitation. The serving size of the meals at Avenue 24 (MGM Grand) were huge. We thought the food at Lupo was worth the trip to Mandalay Bay, but service was really bad.

Silk Road meeting space and Starbucks are still under construction at Vdara. Surprised to see a Starbucks will be opening in Vdara.

Lift Bar is new name for Moderno bar in Aria next to the hotel room elevators.

This is the first Vegas trip that I played some slots besides just craps. I have read some things about slot play and consulted with some friends who play a lot of slots. So I was in search of specific type of machines. Most all of the casinos I played craps had the slots I wanted to play. The only exception was Monte Carlo, which had nothing that interested me in playing. So another reason for me not to bother playing in this casino. Overall, slots at Mirage and Aria were not kind to me; I had better luck at Bellagio and NYNY.

Observation wheel support towers across from MB still standing, but no construction going on. Reports say the High Roller wheel is taller than the London Eye. But with so many buildings taller than the wheel nearby, wheel looks small. I have walked by the London Eye a number of times but for some reason the CET wheel looks smaller. Once wheel open for rides, can get better sense of relationship to London Eye.

Both of us ran a 10K race Saturday night starting at 6:30pm out off of Summerlin Parkway (Kellogg Zaher Park and Sports Complex). The first part of course was really scenic as you ran west along the paved running trail with Red Rock Mountain range in front of you and the sun setting. Then the remaining course was thru the park. First time we ran in a competitive race that late in the day, so a new experience.

As expected, airport was really busy Sunday. Our flight left at noon and took us just over 30 minutes to check our bags. However, security line was fast and just about a 5 minute wait.

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