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Massive money injection for Las Vegas

Last edit: Paulus on Saturday, 6th August 2016 10:24 am
Last response by TheLostOnes 8th August 1:19pm

I think Vagas needs to have a massive amount of money injected into it, from a up and comming industry eg. Video games industry and or other projects, could become the video gaming state of America, think of the possibilitys guys!!!!!

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 MinVegas responded on Saturday, 6th August 2016

About the closest thing that the video game industry has that would crossover with Vegas is the E3 convention presently happening for one week in Los Angeles, and not only does that show have no intention to move but the truth is that it's slowly being made obsolete. Every gamer knows the "Is E3 Dead?" articles show up every June, predicting that the convention is reaching it's demise as business increasingly goes digital.

A big problem is that you have to be 21 to even book a room on the Strip regardless of your intentions to gamble. PAX etc don't want to hold a show in a town where huge amounts of the con-goers can't buy a room. I don't know how PlayStation Experience did at the Sands Expo Center in 2014 but moving to San Francisco seemed to raise their attendance.

 Paulus responded on Sunday, 7th August 2016

I understand about the convention, but how about a Centre just dedicated to the new and latest games maybe a Microsoft shop or center where all the latest version would be released first, then that would bring in more tourism to Vegas and more bucks?? Perhaps, maybe?

 TheLostOnes responded on Monday, 8th August 2016

They did have the EVO 2016 Finals at Mandalay Bay however it did not sell out as well as Downtown Grand having eSports events...The only hinderance as mentioned above is the requirement of having to be 21 to book a room. In other news the first Dave & Busters did open up in Downtown Summerlin today...