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For my last trip to Las Vegas I went to VIMFP, but did not attend VIMFP???

Last edit: michaelsimonds on Tuesday, 25th October 2016 1:09 pm
Last response by Okie21 21st November 6:37am

Well maybe, and sort of.

For as many podcasts I listen to and day dreaming about being in Vegas that I do, this is probably my first time coming out in public as a self-confessed “Vegas nerd”. Over the years I have followed many other Vegas nerds on twitter and have had some minimal interaction, but for the most part I am a lurker, and for as long I as I have been a VT reader, this is my first post.

I literally have no friends that share the interest in gaming and the entire hotel and casino experience as I do. In fact, when I hear the VT podcast those are literally the conversations that I crave but never get to have. So when I hear about things like VIMFP, it’s as if it is the “calling of my people!”, except there is one problem; my wedding anniversary always falls on or around VIMFP and there is, “no way in fucking hell my wife is going to sit in some random show room during our anniversary just so we can listen to a bunch of random people talk about shit she has no interest in.”

She really did say that, well, not verbatim, but you get the idea.

Most of my Vegas trips have been subsidized by my employer, and because of this I have been lucky enough to visit Vegas at least once a year. Well that has recently changed, and for the first time in over eight years I do not know when I will get to see her again. Because of this, my wife and I decided to “cash out”. Whatever rewards credits, frequent flier miles, comps and whatever else we could get on the cheap, we were going to do one “last hurrah” and celebrate 18 years of marriage together. Here is our trip report.


- First time using Lyft from airport and we were tunneled. Fare was $21.77 after $5 off credit, but still; we were tunneled.

- 7:00 pm checked in to Golden Gate. #221 room looking right out onto the stage. Let’s be honest. If you can get that you are staying in a very old hotel and the fact that they embrace the fact that they are a very old hotel and all you really need is a place to rest your head, then you will be fine. Otherwise, they are pretty shitty hotel rooms.

- Dropped our bags and hauled ass to Fremont East to meet locals friends for drinks. Hung out at Park on Fremont and Oak and Ivy. They’re okay. Good cocktails. Every city has a place like this. If you are a millennial hipster, then this is paradise. Otherwise I consider Fremont East to be the DMZ where locals and their tourist friends can mutually agree to meet and hang out. Personally, I’d rather be shooting dice.

- Reached out on Twitter to see if Main Event is still going and try and get the opportunity to finally meet some VIMFP humans. Crickets. Finally someone replies saying Match Game is still going. We head back to the Gate and I tuck the wife into bed, then haul ass to The D. Swing show room doors open and see a crew tearing down. Swing and a miss.

- Head back to Golden Gate to sit at the bar and play some VP. Notice a giant flow of people leaving the casino with pink slips in their hand and notice some VIMFPesque writing on them. Soon, I see Derek Stevens, Paul Vato, Mike E., and Big Hoss at the bar and leave with flow of crowd. I didn’t engage. Kept to my VP and Jack and Ginger. Soon learn on Twitter everyone is across the street partying in the nudie bar. Another swing and a miss.

- Headed to American Coney for some pre-slumber drunk food, and that is exactly what it is; really shitty drunk food. PRO TIP: do not eat cold American Coney the next day with a hangover, or ever. It will make you sad. I do however, enjoy their gyro. Approved.

SUNDAY 10/16

- On our way out the door we walk by the Casino Cup Challenge. Did not recognize anyone. Kept walking.

- First time at Main Street Station, instantly fell in love. Triple 7 Brew Pub, their beers, and the full pay JoB at the bar was a huge hit with me. Ended up in a very cosmopolitan group of people watching the Dallas/Green Bay game at the bar. We were all Dallas fans that day. Planned on checking out the Cal but got too day drunk. Wife checked out for a nap so I tucked her in an headed back to Main Street for some cards. I really, really like that place.

- Triple George for dinner. Fish and Chips are hashtag approved. Disapproved is the waitress up-selling a $10 salad disguised as something that comes with your meal. The fish and chips are so big you do not need a salad, or to spend the extra $10. Thanks, lady.

MONDAY 10/17

- Breakfast at Dupar’s. Again, every town has a kick-ass diner. For Vegas, it’s Dupar’s.

- Before saying goodbye to Downtown, we finished off with some cards and dice at the Gate, and they never disappoint. I must be getting old because I prefer the mellow day-time vibe of the Gate versus the cranked-up night-time vibe of the Gate.

- Checked into Paris for first time. #1290. After two nights at the Gate, even the classic rooms at Paris feel like total luxury.

- Gambling at Paris sucks, period. 6/5 joB? Dafuq? 3:2 BJ available but only $15 minimum.

- Dinner at Eiffel Tower for our anniversary. Everything from the food, to the view, and to the service is a knock out of the park - except for the Beef Wellington. Try the Sazarac.

- Beatles Love courtesy of myVegas. I regret waiting this long to finally see it. Amazing show. Wow.

- I still consider Mirage to be my “Vegas home” even though I have not stayed there in 4 years. I lover her, dearly.


- Breakfast at Mon Ami Gabi. I was amazed that the Eggs Benedict that everyone raves about tastes EXACTLY like the Eggs Benedict I can get anywhere else and for a lot less. Sit outside, and try their Bloody Mary.

- Pool Day. Paris Pool is very chill, and I like chill. Mostly seniors and married couples. Mojito was pre-made and expensive AF. Try the fruit cup for something refreshing under the desert sun.

- Dinner at China Poblano. First time. Comfort Food. Happy.

- Random 7/5 joB machine at Cosmo kept returning positive and was I bummed that I had a schedule to keep and leave.

- Ka courtesy of myVegas. Wow. Now that is a fucking show!

- Secret Pizza for some pre-slumber drunk food. Never disappoints. Hope they have some white sauce pizza made when you arrive.

- Bartender at MGM casino bar did not know what a "Corona Lime" is. For realz. HOW???

- Dice at Bally’s. Guy kept betting the don’t and kind of being a dick about it, and the shooter kept hitting the point. Karma?

- 2:00 am found a $10 BJ table with surrender paying 3:2 at Paris, except that I was witness to some of the worst Blackjack play ever. Flow of the table was way off, and everyone lost their ass.


- Yong Kang Street for lunch. Noodles, Dim Sum, Street food. Fucking delicious. I think they are open 24 hours too.

- Bally’s exterior really looks like shit.

- Wife likes the grand bazaar, I feel like it is in the way.

- The old “Dirty Bird” has a special place in our heart. Stopped in and gave my wife a dice lesson. Table was not thrilled, so we headed next door.

- Finished our trip off with dice at The Cromwell. Table was feeling good, and then two whales marker in for at least $10k each, and all of the sudden the table got really hot, and we were getting all sorts of attention from waitresses and staff. Never had less than two cocktails at a time, and one whale had a special bottle of wine brought down just for him. All the dealers and staff knew these two whales by name and both whales knew everyone on staff by name and both whales were very friendly to us other players. Staff had Giada come down and walk by the table to say hello. Wife got a picture with her. Ended our trip by winning almost all of our money back and going home nearly flat. Lesson learned? Playing with or nearby a whale will get you a lot of residual attention resulting in the Vegas experience we all day dream about.

- Back to Paris for our bags, and a ride to the airport.

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 Chuckmonster responded on Tuesday, 25th October 2016

Booo! I was looking forward to meeting you. Shoulda come to Dark Bar!

 michaelsimonds replied on Tuesday, 25th October 2016

I didn't know if I could, or should, and I didn't not know how to go about getting into Dark Bar until I heard about it after I got home.

 BigHoss responded on Tuesday, 25th October 2016

So, promise me this: The next time you see me at a bar with Mike_E, Derek Stevens and Paul Vato, have a drink with us for God's sake.

Sorry we missed you, but it sounds like a fun time.

 michaelsimonds replied on Wednesday, 26th October 2016


 tholdren responded on Tuesday, 25th October 2016

good review thanks.

 twofours responded on Thursday, 27th October 2016

Nice post! Had the same thing in April.Had breakfast at about 10 in the D cafe (super omlettes)after which we went to the Casino to play wait around. The wife soon got into I don't want to wait around anymore mood which I aggravated by making my case for staying so we left to avoid a scene in the D. So close, bad timing on my part.
This year the convention was in Mew Orleans so I had a chance to attend this year but something came up where I have to be in LV in the first of Nov.
So close again.
Next time.

 motoman responded on Friday, 28th October 2016

Nice, concise report! Love the formatting.
It’s so sad such a great first post might also be a last. But as you may have read here about the PGP Resort Fee increases, some of us Vegas Veterans (as opposed to Virgins) are getting a bit PTSD and burned out.

I know where you’re coming from with the shyness. But take BigHoss’s advice: when the Hell will you ever have the chance to meet the folks you’ve lived vicariously through, in person! And at an event where the entire purpose is to interact with fellow “Vegas nerds!”

Here’s a drink to you — along with an Agent Gibbs smack to the back of the head! (Full disclosure: I am zero percent for VIMFP attendance, and its predecessor Podcastpalooza. I’m a Looza….)

 Romaman responded on Friday, 28th October 2016

I was there as well and yes, Bally's is looking very much like Hillary Clinton's face.

 KickedBoar591 responded on Saturday, 29th October 2016

Great report! I'm rather shy, so I fear I would end up in the same predicament if I ever got a chance to attend the VIMFP (though, I have become friends with one of the dudes at the D/Golden Gate so I might be able to make it out of my shell). And it seems like I would have had a similar-type of experience.

The lone exception would is I really love the Coney Dogs. I know what you're saying about some food getting after you. Thankfully, I've had great luck with Coney. But everybody is different.

I would also suggest moving up to the suites at the Golden Gate if you're a little cramped. You obviously had the right attitude. And I've stayed in your very same room because we used to request a room over the band so we could listen to Arena (long live Arena!) during the summer. And quick aside, I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned this but Spandex Nation has won me over. It is really good. I would even suggest the bass player might be the best musician on Fremont. Well, maybe behind the dudes who play drums on the buckets.

Speaking of those dudes, they are causing too much congestion outside of the 4 Queens/Fremont. They need to start hustling those dudes out, as well as the painter guys, but they seem to have the blessing of everybody.

But this is now becoming about me, when I honestly meant to just praise you and your report.

 wpsteel66 responded on Thursday, 10th November 2016

Thanks for the review...I always like to read the experience of others...always a learning opportunity. One day I am hope to attend VIMFP, so if you are in town, participate since others of us want to but have schedule conflicts.

 Okie21 responded on Monday, 21st November 2016

That last day at Cromwell is a memory for the books! Love those Vegas moments, and that's what keeps us coming back despite the nickel-and-dime way of casino business.