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Things Better at the Beau

Last edit: wpsteel66 on Thursday, 30th December 2010 4:19 pm
Last response by jinx73 31st December 9:28am

This report describes our weekend trip to the Beau Rivage. Again I am really late in posting this trip report (we were at the Beau the third weekend in October 2010).

In short, our experience this trip was better than the May trip. I wanted to investigate other hotels/casinos for our next Biloxi trip after the May trip (posted in this section), but the wife said she wanted to go back to the Beau. So I figured that maybe time does heal all things and maybe last trip was an isolated event with the service. In the end, service was better and we had an enjoyable trip this time.

I posted a few reports of the Beau Rivage resort/hotel/casino on this website. So I am not going to restate the details of the rooms, casino, pool, and spa. No major activity/event was going on this weekend. More people were walking around and the lobby/atrium/etc than during our most recent trips, but not crowded as used to be before the economic crisis.

We arrived late Thursday night after driving down once we finished work. Check-in was quick (but check-out took more time). We again got a corner room (bigger than standard rooms) with a view facing the city and west coast. Similar to past trips, the room was clean and comfortable. We again received really good housekeeping services.

The casino was pretty much the same as before with no major game additions/removals or relocation. Still 6 craps tables with $10-$25 minimums and 10x odds; crapless table still in operation. The tables were not crowded this trip and I was able to get onto a table at my favorite spot the entire trip without any wait. The tables were up and down the entire trip, although I ended up okay at the end of all my play.

Normally I play only craps, but this trip I tried slots a few times. I did not play that much time but did pretty good and made a good profit from these. I guess I was just getting good timing with the RNG in the machines.

Each morning we went to the workout center. The daily resort fee ($6) covers usage of the equipment. The fitness center is not as larger as Aria’s, but is well equipped. In my opinion, the Beau workout center is the best of the Mississippi casinos. Afterwards on Friday and Saturday we hit the pool. Although October may not be ideal pool weather, this weekend was really nice and sunny but not a lot of people using the pool. They are still charging for the pool-side gazebos, but now only on the weekends. The pool attendant said we could use on Friday without a charge. We declined since we were planning to be at the pool just for a short time since she had reservations for a massage and wanted to use the spa facilities that afternoon.

I drove to the Grand Casino (Caesar’s Entertainment property) down the street from the Beau Friday afternoon. Nothing has changed from my last visit. The casino is still in the hotel and still only 2 craps tables with 10x odds. Only 1 table open when I arrived and played for awhile then moved to the other table after opening. Overall, the tables were not treating me well, so I left after just about 2 hours of play. I played some at the Hard Rock Saturday night. All 4 tables were open, but not many people playing. They must have changed the tables since these are no longer trampolines like these used to be in the past. Table minimums were $10 and odds still 10x.

Caesars Entertainment is still on-hold with building Margaritaville casino/hotel that is to be connected to the Grand casino/hotel. Economic conditions are still not ideal for them to start back on the construction. During my time playing craps, I talked to the dealers about Harrah’s stopping this project but then purchasing Planet Hollywood in Vegas. That issue is a sore spot with the dealers. They conclude upper management considers them to be insignificant by ignoring Biloxi. I do recall the Grand being a really busy and nice place before Katrina. However since Katrina, things have not gone well for the Grand. In fact, the Grand received only a single 2010 gaming award by Southern Gaming magazine; second place award for best golf course. The Beau, Hard Rock, and IP were claiming all the awards this year.

For Friday night dinner, we decided to try the steakhouse at Palace casino. We like to try new places and sometimes find a really nice place (Boomtown Steakhouse) and then other times you get a miss. I have to say the latter with the Mignon’s at the Palace casino. I read on their website that this restaurant received a number of dining awards for excellence. So we wanted to experience this place, which is a short drive from the Beau. In short, the food was just okay but expensive for what we received. I do not mind paying for a meal if the service, food portion and quality are on-spot. But we left disappointed and listed this restaurant in the ‘tried, but not again’ category. Maybe we should have left before being seated when we saw only 1 other table with people in this place on a Friday night during peak dinner time. Then during our meal, only 1 other table had people dining. Not a good sign. The Palace casino is still in the hotel lobby (casino barge destroyed by Katrina) but they are doing some major construction on the hotel and casino.

Saturday night we stayed at the Beau and ate at the Coast restaurant. This is one of our favorite places to eat in Biloxi. As I mentioned in the past reviews, this place has many tvs and a really nice place to watch sports. We were disappointed to find they changed the menu to be more of a 50’s diner than a sport bar menu. They still have some items (pizza, appetizers), but they really changed the sandwich selection and dinner entrees. I tried the ribeye steak and was not impressed. She had the pizza and again this was awesome. After dinner we sat in the lounge area to watch some college football. We went to the gelato bar each night and they had a nice selection of flavors.

One thing that I noticed this trip was the number of children running around. Call me a ‘prune’ but when I am at a casino, I really do not want to be bothered by children. We were watching football in the Coast lounge and a group brought a child with them. This kid was about 10 years old and him watching tv in the lounge was not his ideal way to spend the evening. He was bouncing all around and the parents pretty much did not care. Then every place we went outside the casino, we were dodging kids running loose and baby strollers. This was the worst I ever experienced at the Beau (but not as bad as the summer trip at Mandalay Bay).

Sunday morning I went to the casino host to see what he could do for me. I was not pleased at first when I saw which host was in the office. This person has not been a pleasant person and he really did not give me anything in the past. To my surprise, he comped me more than what I was expecting. I was negative in my last post of this host comping practically nothing. But this trip, I played the same amount of time and per hand as past trips and I received some good comps. Not all the expenses were comped, but I was actually pleased with what I received.

So in the end, service at the Beau was much better than our May trip. The hotel and casino had a good crowd but not shoulder-to-shoulder. Our dinner at Mignon’s at the Palace was less than desired and the Coast restaurant menu is not as good. But the casino play, workout facilities, spa, and other activities were partook in made this an enjoyable trip.

Chuckmonster- sorry again for not taking any pictures. I had my camera but still failed to get any shots. I have a trip planned for February, so I will get some then.

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 detroit1051 responded on Thursday, 30th December 2010

The Resort Fee sounds positively cheap compared to Las Vegas, although BR's site says it's $7.49 per day including taxes.

 socalduck responded on Friday, 31st December 2010

Although I have never stayed there, I regularly receive offers from the Beau. I've resisted thus far, but I must admit the prospect of 10x craps has me thinking I may need to sneak out of town for a few days to experience this place for myself.

 jinx73 responded on Friday, 31st December 2010

Thanks for the report, interesting read on Beau Rivage.