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Trip Report: Beau Rivage Dec 1-4

Last edit: wpsteel66 on Tuesday, 13th December 2011 3:48 pm
Last response by Akala 14th December 8:04pm

This report provides 7+ main points describing our recent trip to Biloxi, MS, staying at the Beau Rivage for three nights (Dec 1-4). Sorry went over the quota, but some things to say.

• The Beau atrium and shopping promenade were decorated very nicely for Christmas. Almost as extravagant as the Bellagio (but no water fountains/shows).
• Crowds were pretty good and business picking up over the past year. This is our fourth trip this calendar year and you can see more people out and about. This is especially true for the craps tables at night. Usually had to wait to get a spot to play.
• No construction progress at the Grand (Harrah’s/CET) property down the street. I played craps at this casino Friday late morning for about 2 hours. They added a third craps table (but not open). Nothing new at this casino otherwise.
• I did not drive over to see the construction progress at Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville.
• No exterior changes to IP Biloxi since Boyd Gaming purchase. I did not visit this casino.
• Played craps at the Hard Rock Saturday afternoon and late evening. Crowds not bad; in fact all four tables had many open spots for players. One table had at times no players.
• The dealers at these three casinos were professional, friendly, and made for a good time. I got no heat from any of the boxmen or pit bosses while shooting the dice. These three casinos still offering 10x odds. The Hard Rock had $5 tables both times I played and Grand had $5 also. Beau had $10 tables. Drink service at all places was good.
• We ate at Jia restaurant (Beau Rivage) Friday night. For all the times we visited this hotel/casino, we never considered Jia (Asian menu). Normally we would go off campus and try another casino restaurant Friday night. During our last visit to the Beau, we reviewed the menu and said we will try next trip. Overall, we had a great experience. Menu options, food quality, portion size, service, atmosphere, etc etc were excellent. Price was not too bad.
• Overall, we had another great trip. We both enjoyed the morning 5-mile runs along the beach, the fitness center, hanging out, all the eating, hotel/casino atmosphere, etc. She had another great day at the spa (new/updated fixtures, furnishings, robes, etc) while I spent my time in the casino.
• On our drive home, about 10 miles east of the Beau right off I-10 is a hole-in-the-wall BBQ place called The Shed. This place was featured on Man-versus-Food and Diners-Drive-ins-and-Dives. If you are in the area, you got to stop here!!! The meat falls of the bone (ribs, chicken) and everything on the menu is down-right great! I have seen billboards along the interstate for this place over the years but thought this was a tourist trap. Then I saw the TV shows and then had to try. Every time we ate here, was extremely pleased with the food!!

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 stevie responded on Tuesday, 13th December 2011

Man I miss that place! Last year we got 4 free trips (charter plane from TN/VA, 3 free nights) through what became MLife. This year, nothing. We always had a blast there and loved the place. I've actually checked airfares from here to there, and I can fly to Vegas for half as much, so that's what we do. Glad you enjoyed it!

 Akala responded on Wednesday, 14th December 2011

I've always loved the place, it has always been the class of MS (LOL). Last time, a group of four of us were denied entry for being too drunk, which has never happened to me in ten years of hard gamblin. I've certainly stumbled in there worse.

This was later in the night after the LSU/Ole Miss 'game'...must have been an OM fan. We went over to the front desk and told the clerks what happened (they were all really cool, and couldn't believe it), and asked to talk to someone else in security. Eventually security showed up, and they just wouldn't back down...prob didn't want to lose face or something. We end up getting pissed and go back to the Hard Rock next door, have a good 4 hour session at the tables and get hammered to the point where even I would deny us entry. Come shambling back in around 3am (wobbly and probably obnoxious) and are coordially greeted by the security coming through. Yeah.

We still get free rooms there, so will probably be back, but the security last trip was tres shitty.

Shame about the one bad time...they really outdid themselves with the decorations this year.