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A Few Biloxi Comments

Last edit: wpsteel66 on Friday, 3rd May 2013 12:26 pm
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Spent a 3-day weekend at the Beau Rivage April 25 thru 28 and saw a few things worth commenting on….

Construction on the Hard Rock new hotel continues…although appears not as much progress as would have expected since my late November Biloxi trip…the plans look pretty good.

Golden Nugget still has The Isle (of Capri) signs…did see a banner hanging outside saying will be converting to GN later in 2013…did not stop in to see any changes…am waiting until officially GN.

CET’s Grand demolishing of their started-then-stopped hotel/casino construction is still idle even though the city ordered them to get rid of the ‘eye sore’…while jogging past this property I was wondering about the condition of the old Casino Magic hotel that CET acquired after Katrina but has done nothing with…is this hotel still usable? Did they heat and cool at a temperature to preserve the property? I thought hit me that they should have created a Grand North and Grand South hotel and casino…remodel the Casino Magic hotel with a casino as they did the Grand hotel after Katrina…but then I thought that would have been twice as many employees, inventory, taxes, etc that may not have been worth doing that… I guess New Orleans Harrah’s is doing well for CET as their gulf coast property and just hanging on to the Grand Biloxi while contemplating what to do next…I would like for CET to re-build to have a meaningful presence in Biloxi instead of their 7-year-plus-counting temporary fix.

I still have not stopped by Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville casino…usually I want to visit all casinos just to see what the place is like, but for some reason this place does not appear worth stopping by (based upon what I read).

No significant changes to the Beau.

I do have to share a story about the Bonus Craps at the Beau…arrived at the craps table late Thursday night after driving into town…first time I had the dice and only 5 of us at the table… 3 guys place $15 on the all-tall-and-small Bonus Craps bet…after I hit my third point I hear ‘older guy’ to my left say “you only have the 12 to hit; $5 on the 12”…the guy on his left (middle age man) says, “$25 horn-high-12”…the guy on the right of the stick (young guy) says, “$5 on the 12 also for me”…I was not paying attention to the numbers hit on the Bonus Craps until then, but did notice the bets placed for my come-out roll…I am thinking “just no 7” on this roll…so the stickman slides the dice to me…I arrange into “little Joe”…pick up and toss…the dice go spinning in the air…hit the table floor followed by the back wall but then, strangely, dead stop…the dice show 6 by 6…I thought older guy was going to have a coronary…young guy was jumping up and down, running around fist pumping in the air…middle aged man was more calm, but still cheering…amazing how 1 roll of the dice can win all 3 of them over $1200 each…for me, well, I lost my $11 pass line bet.

The Bonus Craps bet is another prop bet that pays out really good if hits, but like other prop bets is high-risk…basically you are betting that the 2 thru 6 or 8 thru 12 will hit before any 7 (even on the come out)… if either of these 2 number sets are hit, you win 34-to-1…if all the numbers are hit before any 7, then you win the two 34-to-1 bets plus a 175-to-1 payout… so you can make some good money on this bet if all numbers hit before the 7.

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