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Another great trip to Beau Rivage in Biloxi

Last edit: wpsteel66 on Sunday, 17th May 2009 2:15 pm
Last response by Rockymountainroller 20th May 10:22pm

Spent 3 nights at the Beau first weekend of May, 2009. Arrived Thurs night just after midnight and chceked in really quickly. I did not try the $20 trick since I really do not spend much time in the room.

The standard rooms are really nice. Really comfortable bed, desk area with chair, flat screen TV, spacious bathrooom (with glassed-in seperate shower). They really have nice clean, up-to-date rooms. Internet available for a fee. They started charging a daily resort fee ($5), but now they give two free bottled waters per day and allow unlimited access to the workout center (which is the best i ever seen in a casino-- before workout center was $15/day, so we save money with this resort fee).

Went to the casino Thurs night for abit. If you ever been to the Bellagio in Vegas, you will see the same well-manecured, clean, high-class casino. THis place is really nice and decorated nicely. smoking is allowed, but they have a really good ventilation system. Drink service, in my opinion is really good and quick. I play primarily craps and the dealers are very professional and most are pleasant to talk to. The Beau has 8 12-foot craps tables with $10 min and 10x odds. At least two to three tables are always open during the weekend at all hours. Did okay the first night profit wise (but nothing to pay for the trip).

Friday morning, we did the usual thing. I go to the pool early to get a good spot and she goes to the coffee shop for coffee and bagels. They have their own coffee shop and has the best coffee, no Starbucks swill here. The pool is really nice, but not many seats in the shade. They have a good pool staff readily available to take drink and food orders. The pool is on top of the casino and you can walk out to another sundeck next to the pool and look out at the Gulf coast. Many chairs are around the pool so you can get a chair most of the day.

One thing about the Beau that I find really nice is the music they play throughout the property. Once you pull into the parking garage (i do not use vallet service), they have the music playing; in the casino, hallways, pool area, etc. They do a really good job of song selections. They play popular songs, but from all the past five decades. One minute you hear Three Doors down, then the Rolling Stone, then Rod Stewart, then a top-40 song. Just really good music to listen to.

About noon i leave and usually go to the Grand casino (a Harrahs property) or IP casino , which are just a short drive to from the Beau. A casino shuttle is available that travels between all the casinos ($1.50), but i just drive so i do not have to wait for the shuttle. Grand has only 3 12-foot tables (some times $5 min, but usually $10 on weekends with 20xodds). Good tables and dealers at both IP and Grand. IP casino has 6 12-foot craps tables with 20 x odds.

I usually get back to the Beau around 4pm and she has gone to the workout center and we usually meet back in the room by 6pm. We went to dinner around 7pm at the BR Prime steakhouse Friday night. Excellant service, menu selection, food quality,and portions. I would recommend this place for a great steak. THis place although is a bit more expensive than the typical casino steakhouse, but is worth it.

After dinner, we went so she could play slots. Pretty much every kind of slot available with every denomination. They also have a non-smoking section for slots. Played Blazing 7s and won some. We walked over to the Hard Rock to see what was going on over there and hung out. Hard Rock is a nice place also, but the slots are tighter. We went back to the Beau and she went to the room and i played craps for a few hours. Up and down results for me at the tables.

Saturady was similar with the pool and coffee and left at noon to play craps. But I went to the Hard Rock for the afteroon. She went and had a massage in the afternoon with her usual massage specialist. then she hit the hot tub along with the work out center. My afteroon at the Hard Rock (4 12-foot tables with $5-10 mins 10x odds) was okay. Hard Rock has really bouncy tables, so take usual precautions when shooting there. I did okay, but nothing spetacular.
I left the Hard Rock and back to the room by 4pm so I could go to the Catholic church just two blocks away from the Beau. Easier to walk to the church for Sat night mass than to drive from the Beau.

Met her at the room just after 6pm and then went to dinner at the sportsbar called Coast. This place has great pizza and sandwhiches along with many other menu selections. We again ordered a pizza with a sandwhich and shared both. Nice plate portions and had some left over. After dinner we sat in the lounge area of this resturant and continued to watch the NBA playoff game along with the NASCAR race. THey have a giant scrren tv in the middle of the resturant with smaller tv's everywhere else in this place. So you have a great seat everywhere. After dinner we went and ate gellato (always great and many different and unique flavors). The shopping stores were closed at this time, but most are all pricey places, but usually still fun to browse and see the selections. She went to the room and i played. The dealers are really nice as I said and took a break from craps and sat at the mini-baccarat table and the dealer taught me how to play this game (but did not wager anything). Went to bed up for the night from the craps table.

Normally i would go to church at 7am, but since went Sat night slept in and went to the casino host about 8am. Based on my play he comped me some more things (hotel nights already taken care of). Played craps in the morning and she went to the pool and workout center . I was up really good and left at 1130 to the room. We finished packing and checked-out at noon. Had to wait about 10 mins due to many people also requesting a late checkout.

So in the end, great casino action, excellant service, delicious food, coffee, etc, friendly staff, upscale hotel/casino, etc etc etc. We are planning our next trip to the Beau for Aug.

PS. I did not comment on the buffett. We ate breakfast at the buffet about 3 years ago (just after the Beau opened after Katrina). I was expecting the Bellagio breakfast, but this was not the case. The buffett is the best in Biloxi (we tried all casino breakfast buffets). But i rather eat at the Terrace Cafe (next to the Buffet) for breakfast. The Beau used to have a resturant by Todd English (called Olives) and that place was our favorite place for dinner. But Olives closed about 6 months ago and no new resturant has opened in that area. Normally we will see a show while at the Beau, but this weekend was an show that was not interesting to use.

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 Chuckmonster responded on Tuesday, 19th May 2009

Wow... what a thorough trip report.... you left no stone unturned. All of the questions I've been wondering about Beau Rivage have now been answered. Thanks for taking the time to write all that out and share it with us.


 wpsteel66 replied on Wednesday, 20th May 2009

Thanks for the positive response. I did spend some time with the details for the readers to have their questions, at least questions I think people want to have answered with my post.
I read trip reports to learn about the casino and hotel conditions, casino staff, resturants, and other experiences. Thus I wanted to be as informative as I could in my post to help others.
This was the first trip report i posted to this website. I plan to post more casino trip reports in the future. I primarily visit the Mississippi casinos with a few trips to other non-MS casinos throughout the year.
I have been reading this website for about 2 years now to learn more about the happenings in Vegas and enjoy the stories.

 Rockymountainroller responded on Tuesday, 19th May 2009

10X and 20X odds at the craps tables are very nice. Wish the LV strip casinos would do the same instead of the old 3-4-5 odds at most places.

 wpsteel66 replied on Wednesday, 20th May 2009

Most all Mississippi casinos have 20x odds. A few have 10x and the Horseshoe in Tunica has 100x. The Beau used to have 5x, but they increased to 10x when re-opened after Katrina.
Yes, that is the bad thing of Vegas, the standard 3-4-5x odds. Although a few off-strip casinos (eg, Sams Town) have up to 20x. But I have seen a few (Circus Circus, Riveria, SouthPoint) have only 2x.
By looks of your handle, you are from Colorado and play craps. I visited the casinos in BlackHawk/Central City in Oct 2007 and craps was not allowed. I read now that these places are bringing in craps tables. Are tables in the casinos now and if so, how are the playing conditions?

 Chuckmonster replied on Wednesday, 20th May 2009

I'm told that some of the joints up there have 'practice' tables installed to teach people the games. Expanded games/hours/betting starts July 1.

 Rockymountainroller replied on Wednesday, 20th May 2009

You guys are on top of things. Craps will come to Colorado in July. The voters said yes to increasing bets from max $5 to max $100. Of course, you couldn't play craps with only a $5 bet. This opens up all gaming. Can you imagine playing blackjack and on a $5 minimum table and never being able to increase or decrease your bet? I pretty much avoided these places till now.