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Hope you're hungry.

Looking for the best pancakes in Las Vegas? Need to plan your assualt on a belt-bustin' buffet? Got that once in a lifetime hankering for Chimichurri rubbed sushi? Or that daily craving for a little slice of Bambi? A goddamn steak? Perhaps you need that triple shot venti half-soy no-foam latte because you're fishing for a whale of a celebrity chef sighting and not a boffo seafood gorgedown? Maybe you want to play it close to the vest and grab a quick sandwich or maybe one of those gourmet burgers everyone raves about?

No matter how you slice it... it's time to eat.

Welcome to the brand new and very beta VegasTripping dining guide. We've done our best to fill in the pertinent details, but despite our best efforts we aren't able to eat at every single joint in town. A million gullets are better than ten, we say... so find your favorite (or least favorite) joints and tell your VegasTripping friends what ruled, what fooled and what makes you drool.

The VegasTripping dining guide is still very much a work in progress and there is a great chance that you will find software bugs and the occasional piece of incorrect or missing data. We request your patience as we continue working and enhancing it over the next few months. If you are compelled, feel free to send us comments, suggestions or notification of screw ups here. Thanking you!

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